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These are pictures of various family members and places that I've collected. Most are from old family Albums or pictures received from family members, and the source is noted.

First cousins Helen Hutchison Henderson and Howard Turner, Jr.

Picture from Laverne Turner's photo albums received from her daughter-in-law, Faye Turner.

Helen Hutchison Henderson and Howard Turner, Jr.

Helen Hutchison Henderson
  Helen Hutchison Henderson
2 Oct 1916 - 6 Jan 2002

Daughter of Arthur Marvin and Kate Pierce Hutchison
School teacher at Bells, TN. Picture from Carne family Album.


Arthur Marvin and Kate Pierce Hutchison of Dyer, TN. Arthur, son of E.E. Hutchison, continued as a lumberman in the family business.

 Picture received from their daughter, Helen Hutchison Henderson 28 Nov 2000.

Arthur Hutchison

Mary Overall, Methodist Missionary

Mary Overall, well known Methodist missionary to China was from Dyer, and often gave lectures at the local Dyer Methodist Church when back visiting. It was the Dyer Methodist Church which sponsored and sent her to China.

This picture was included in the effects of Elizabeth Hutchison Russell, a Dyer native. (See below)

Picture received from Priscilla Fanning (whose grandmother was a missionary contemporary of Mary Overall - See below) January 2004.

Wedding picture of Dr. Wallace Boyd Russell and Elizabeth Mai Hutchison. Taken on the occasion of their wedding 24 Dec 1908 in Dyer, TN. Elizabeth was the daughter of County Court Judge David Jarett Hutchison and Mrs. Nancy Grier Hutchison of Dyer, TN. Elizabeth had already committed to becoming a foreign missionary when she met Dr. Russell. Together the two of them spent many years as missionaries in China, and were contemporaries of missionary Mary Overall of Dyer. Both are buried in SooChow, China and a memorial marker is included on their daughter's tombstone in Rochester, NH. Below is a ship's manifest showing the return to Nashville of the widowed Elizabeth in 1925.

A very interesting account of Dr. Russell and Elizabeth is given in a 1925 letter written by his bother, Dr. Jesse L. Russell, and referenced on the Letters pages. Gibson County Illustrated has an interesting article about David Jarrett Hutchison.

Picture received from their grand daughter, Priscilla Fanning, 7 Feb 2004

Wallace Russell & Elizabeth Mai Hutchison Wedding Picture - Dyer, TN 24 Dec 1908

Click on picture below to view full sized original image

Jim and Angie Harrison

"On this passenger list you will find my grandmother, Elizabeth H. (Hutchison) Russell, and her four children. This was their return trip to the U.S. after the death of my grandfather, Wallace Boyd Russell, MD, on February 24, 1925, and also the death of the youngest child, David Barrie Russell, on July 12, 1925. It is my understanding that David was never a healthy child. He was 11 months old when he died. At the time of these two deaths, the Grandmother and the children were living in Kuling at their summer home in the mountains. There was fighting going on below so this was a safer place for them to be than living at the hospital in Changchow (now Changzhou). Grandfather was tending to those who were hurt in the fighting. He caught Typhus Fever from the soldiers. One night someone came to Grandmother to tell her that Grandfather was dying. This man walked Grandmother down the mountain during the night, and they went to Soochow (Suzhou) to the hospital. Grandmother was able to see Grandfather before he died. The family left for the United States on S.S. President Cleveland from Shanghai on Sept. 17, 1925. From there they went to Kobe, Japan, leaving there on Sept. 20, on to Yokohama, Japan, leaving there on Sept. 22, then went to Honolulu, leaving there on Oct. 1, and finally arriving in San Francisco on Oct. 7, 1925."

"Those traveling and heading to Nashville, TN include:
  • Elizabeth H. Russell, 43 yrs., born May 12, 1882, Dyer, TN
  • Martha Russell, 15 yrs., born Jan. 31, 1910, Nanking, China
  • Boyd Russell, 11 yrs., born April 16, 1914, Jackson, TN
  • Mary Russell, 9 yrs., born Jan. 29, 1916, Shanghai, China
  • Katheryne Russell, 5 yrs., born Sept. 23, 1919, Kuling, China"
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