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These are pictures of various family members and places that I've collected over the years. Most are from old family Albums or pictures received from family members, and the source is noted when available.

Betty Sue Carne

Betty Sue Carne
15 Mar 1882 - 6 Sep 1913

Daughter of John David and Sarah Ann Hale Carne. Taught school in Yorkville, TN.

Mattie D. Carne

"Aunt Dee"
Mattie David Carne
27 Oct 1878 - 4 Feb 1959

Daughter of John David and Sarah Ann Hale Carne.

"Dee" was a registered Nurse in Nebraska.

Bettie Sue and Arthur Carne

Bettie Sue and Arthur Carne. Picture taken after the death of their parents, John and Sarah Carne. Bettie Sue and Arthur were raised by their uncle and aunt, Nathaniel and Martha Hale.

Picture from the Carne family photo album.

No one remembers for sure who these children are, but everyone agrees that they are Carne children.

I'm betting that it's L-R: Douglas Bland, Mary Lou, Arthur, and Bettie Sue Carne. Can anybody shed any light on the identities? While at the Gibson County Library I did discover the guardianship records pertaining to these and other Carne Children. Upon the death of Sarah and John David Carne, guardians were assigned as follows:

Marguerite Carne Harrison remembers that when "Aunt Dee" came back to Tennessee from Nebraska to visit, she always wanted to go to visit a Mrs. Cook at Concord. Not surprising since two of her sisters married into the Cook family. William Cook married Martha Carne, and I also found that George Cook, husband of Margaret Carne, was administrator of Sarah Carne's estate.

This picture is from the Carne family photo album.

With those eyes, they have to be Carne children!

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