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  John D. Carne
This Bible is in the possession of Rodney Allen of Medina, Gibson Co., TN
John D. Carne
Title Page
John D. Carne Family Bible John D. Carne Family Bible John D. Carne


Title Page

John D. Carne Family Bible Title Page


John David Carne was born April 3rd 1842

Sarah Ann Hale was born Feby. 11th 1854

John W. Carne was born Feby. 8th 1864

Nannie May Carne was born Nov. 13th 1865

Emma W. Carne was born July 2nd 1869

James Boyd Carne was born Feby. 7th 1868

Thomas B. Carne was born Aug 28th 1864

Lena Jane Carne was born Oct. 30th 1876

Mattie David Carne was born Oct. 27th 1878

Mary Lou Carne was born Sept. 15th 1880

Bettie Sue Carne was born March 15th 1882

Douglas Bland Carne was born Jany. 22 1884

Arthur Nathaniel Carne was born Nov. 25th 1885

Sallie Ann Carne was born Feb. 5th 1888


John D. Carne Family Bible - Births


John D. Carne & Mary F. Simmons was married Feb. 5/65

John D. Carne & Sarah A. Hale was married Jan. 13/76

Robt. L Young & Nannie May Carne was married May 4/87

John W. Carne & Sallie F. Hannah was married Jany. 4/88

Chas. M. Allen and Emma Carne was married Oct. 9, 1888

Chas. P. Allen and Lena Carne was married Dec. 29, 1897

Arthur N. Carne & Carrie Hutchison was married Dec. 25, 1907

Douglas B. Carne & Hazel Taylor was married Nov. 4, 1916

John D. Carne Family Bible - Marriages


Mrs. Mary F. Carne died June 23rd 1875

James Boyd Carne died May 26th 1870

Thomas B. Carne died Dec. 7th 1874

Mrs. Sallie A. Carne died March 7th 1888

John David Carne died April 16th 1888

Sallie Ann Carne died Oct. 31th 1889

Mary Lou Carne died May 7th 1890

Emma W. Allen died Dec 29th 1901

Bettie Sue Carne died Sept. 6th 1913

John W. Carne died May 19th 1921

Nannie Young died Feb. 8th 1928

Mrs. Sallie H. Carne died Dec. 1932

Douglas B. Carne died April 12th 1933

Charles P. Allen died May 8th 1934

Carry H. Carne died March 17th 1935

Lena Jane Carne died May 29 1957

Arthur Nathaniel Carne died Nov. 9, 1950

Mattie D. Carne died Feb. 4, 1959

John D. Carne Family Bible - Deaths

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