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  Nathaniel M. Hale
This Bible is in the possession of David Carne of Bristow, VA
Nathaniel M. Hale
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Nathaniel and Martha Hale Nathaniel and Martha Hale


Nathaniel M. Hale was borne June the 23rd, 1838

Martha C. Hale was born Oct. the 13th, 1847

Estella May Hale was born Dec. the 14th, 1865

Mertie Lee Hale was born March 24th, 1872

Bettie Sue Carne was born March the 15th, 1882

Arthur Nathaniel Carne was born November 25th, 1885

Thomas Edward Hale was born Oct. 27th, 1812

Jurene Hale was born Feb. 13, 1813

James U. Hale was born Aug. 16th, 1834

Martha E. Hale was born Sep. 3rd, 1841

Green Louis Franklin Hale was born July 29th, 1843

Wm. Elija Hale was born March 11th, 1845

George Thomas Hale was born April 9th, 1849

Mary Caroline Hale was born April 17th, 1851

Sally Ann Hale was born Feb. 11th, 1854

Nathaniel M. Hale Family Bible Births


Herbert N. Ramsey was born Dec. 25th, 1892

Walter Preston Ramsey was born Sep. 11th, 1895

William Thomas Ramsey was born Dec. 26th, 1898

Mary Estella

Nathaniel M. Hale Family Bible Births


Nathaniel M. Hale and Martha C. Robinson was married Feb. 1st, 1865

Mertie Lee Hale and Jefferson Preston Ramsey was married Dec. 30th, 1891

Arthur N. Carne and Carrie Mabel Hutchison were married Dec. 25, 1907

Thomas Edward Hale and Jurene Smith was married July the 12th, 1832

James Uriah Hale and Mollie McCrory was married Dec. 15th, 1862

Wm. E. Hale and Elizabeth Waddell was married Dec. 4th, 1866

Wm. Fly and Martha E. Hale was married Nov 14th, 1860


Nathaniel M. Hale Family Bible - Marriages


Thomas E. Hale died March 12th, 1855

George T. Hale died Jan 4th, 1859

Green L. F. Hale was killed at the battle of Belmont, Mo., Nov. 7th, 1861

Sallie Ann Carne died March 7th, 1888

John D. Carne died April 16th, 1888

Jurene Hale widow of Thomas E. Hale died Sep. 6th, 1879

Joe J. J. Hale brother of Thomas E. Hale died Oct. 9th, 1892

Martha E. Fly died April 30th, 1900

Wm. E. Hale died Sept. 22nd, 1901

Elizabeth Robinson died Apr. 16th, 1905

Estella May Hale died September 15th, 1896

N. M. Hale died April 6th, 1905

Bettie Sue Carne died Sept. 6, 1913

Nathaniel M. Hale Family Bible - Deaths

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