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Family Bibles

  Mattie D. Carne
This Info was Copied from a Bible believed to have belonged to Mattie D. Carne and was in Ray D. Allen's possession at the time of his death.

  Mattie D. Carne



Mattie D. Carne, known as "Aunt Dee"

of Mother's Mother's Family

Thomas Edward Hale was born Oct 27th, 1812

Jurene Smith Hale was born Feb. 19th, 1819

James U. Hale was born Aug. 16th 1824

Nathaniel M. Hale was born June 29, 1828

Green Lewis Hale was born July 29th

George Thomas Hale was born April 9th 1849

Mary Caroline Hale was born April 17th 1852

Sallie Ann Hale was born Feb. 11th 1854 Gibson County

Martha Elizabeth Hale was born Sep 2nd 1841

William Elijah Hale was born -

Births of Douglas' Children

Gerald Bland Carne born Dec 3rd 1817 in N??? Grove Nebr.

George Carne born Oct 8th 1819 in Silver Creek Nebr.

John Boyd Carne born Aug 8th 1921 Born Cedar Rapids Nebr.

Rosella D. Carne born Feb 11th 1925 Born in Elgin Nebr.

Ethel & Bethel Carne born Jan 13, 1928 Born in Pierce Nebr.


Mattie D. Carne Family Bible Births


Births of Arthur's children, all born in Dyer, Tenn.

John M. Carne born Jan 19, 1914 

Rebecca Marguerite C. born Aug 2, 1919

Hugh Nat. Carne born May 12, 192?

John D. Carne was born in Henry Co. Tenn.

Grandmother and father Hale both were born near Halifax N.C.

Hale Record

Thomas Hale & Jurene Smith was married July 12th 1832

James U. Hale & Molly McCrory was married Dec 19th 1863

Nathaniel M. Hale and Martha C. Robbertson was married Feb 1st 1860

William E. Hale & Elizabeth Waddell was married Dec. 4th 1866

Mollie Hale and Kale Witt was married

Sallie Ann Hale and J. D. Carne was married Jan 13, 1876

William Fly and Elizabeth Hale was married



Mattie D. Carne Family Bible - Births/Marriages


Arthur Carne past away Nov 9, 1950

Thomas E. Hale Died (grandpa) March 12th, 1855

Green L. Hale died, was killed in S.W. Nov. 7th, 1861

Cora Lee Hale died Dec 20th 1864

James U. Hale died April 20, 1865

George Thomas Hale died June 4th 1859

Mrs. Thomas Hale died

Elizabeth Hale Fly died

Nathaniel M. Hale died

William Elijah Hale died

Sallie Ann Hale Carne died March 7, 1888

Mrs. Sallie Carne past away Dec. 8, 1932

Mattie ...

Douglas Bland Carne Past away April 12, 1933 at ??? Neb, living in Rosalie Nebr. at that time. Buried at Lions Nebr.


Mattie D. Carne Family Bible - Deaths

Barnard & Carne Family

Mrs Marguerite Barnard wife of Luke Barnard past away in 1842 age 76

Luke Barnard past away Jan. 4 1855 age 85

John David Carne born Sep 10 1808 Past away May 28, 1865 age 69

Mrs. John David Barnard Carne past away Sept 27 1861 age 76

Aunt Dee's father (John David Carne past away 1888

Dee's mother Sallie Ann Hale Carne past away 1888

just a month between their death's


Mattie D. Carne Family Bible - Deaths

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