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Family Bibles

  Emerson E. Hutchison
This Bible is in the possession of James W. Harrison, Richardson, Dallas Co., TX
Most of the later entries were apparently made by Laverne Hutchison Turner
and/or Kate Pierce Hutchison
Emerson E. Hutchison
Marriage Certificate
E. E. Hutchison

Marriage Certificate

"What Therefore God Hath Joined Together, Let Not Man Put Asunder."

This is to Certify

That Emerson E. Hutchison and Loula R. Thompson

Were United By Me In


At her Father's Residence on the 8 day of
April in the year of our Lord 1880

In Presence of

Signed Rev. N. W. Overall

"Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother and shall cleave unto his wife and they shall be one flesh. Gen II.24

E. E. Hutchison Family Bible - Marriage


Emerson Etheridge Hutchison
Was born Aug 26, 1859

Loula Rebecca Thompson
was born Sep. 23, 1863

Arthur Marvin Hutchison
was born Aug 29, 1881 in Dyer, Tenn

Virgie Hutchison
was born 25th of April 1883

Hattie Gertrude Hutchison
was born Oct. 28th 1885

Wallace Hutchison
was born in Dyer, Tenn July 15th 1887

Hazzell Laverne Hutchison
was born on the 8th of Aug. 1898

Carrie Mable
was born June 30, 1890
(Carrie died when 45 years old)

Emerson E. Hutchison Family Bible - Birth


Virgie L.
was married at Dyer Tenn Jan 5 1900 to Mr. Cleo Kennedy by Bro Waggoner.

Carrie Mabel
was married Dec, 25, 1907 to Arthur N. Carne
by W. A. Cook

Hazel Laverne
was married April 1 - 1926 to Howard R. Turner By Bro Jewell - In presence of Bob Dement & Mildred Robinson (Howard Jr. was bornd May - 27, 1928 & married on Aug 4, to June McGuffin at Oak Ridge -

Kyle Jamison Turner
was born July 19, 1952 at Floyd County Hospital, Rome Georgia at 7:43 p.m. Dr. Norton Nurse Mrs. Reed

Emerson E. Hutchison Family Bible - Marriages


Little Hattie Gertrude Hutchison
Died Oct 3rd 1886

Loula Rebecca Hutchison
died on June 2nd 1921 at 11
45 a. m.

E. E. Hutchison
died Aug 21, 1930 at 10:
35 a.m. Nov 9, 1950. Dr. Douglas was his Dr. Bro. Newill preached funeral assisted by Thomas Baker. Uncle Fount Elihue ???? ??? here then. He had lots of friends and relations.

Mrs. A. N. Carne
died March 17, 1935.

Wallace Hutchison
died June 24, 1956

Arthur M. Hutchison
died July 29, 1957

Emerson E. Hutchison Family Bible - Deaths

James W. Harrison . All rights reserved.

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