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[NS051303] held by Marguerite Harrison

[NS051311] Received from Sandra K. Hutchison, 12 Sept 2003. This is the ancestor family tree of Alice Hutchison, daughter of Fount Hutchison, Sr.

[NS051312] Good

[NS051313] Copy in possession of Jim Harrison

[NS051321] These notes cover Hutchison/Overall/Dill/Wright family and give good references in general. Most dates taken from Hutchison Family Bible

[NS051323] Marguerite Harrison

[NS051341] Good

[NS051343] varies, see individual notes

[NS051371] She notes that Robert Axley Overall was her grandfather

[NS051373] Marguerite Harrison

[NS051441] "This information was copied from a bible believed to have belonged to Mattie D. Carne, and was in Ray D. Allen's possession at the tie of his death.

[NS051443] Ray D. Allen

[NS051451] Excellent

[NS051453] Jim Harrison

[NS051473] Marguerite Harrison

[NS051483] Appears on Madison Co., TN Website @


[NS051561] Available on CD from Keith Bobbitt, 6127 Randall Lane, Mt. Vernon, IN 47620-- 9165

[NS051562] Excellent

[NS051571] Eudine M. Britton, 133 Kingwood Drive, Chattanooga, TN 37412-1627 seems to be the acknowleged expert.

[NS051572] questionable

[NS051581] Cites various DAR registrations

[NS051582] Almost Illegible

[NS051583] Copy in possession of Marguerite Harrison

[NS051611] Richard did an exceptional job matching old family photographs to their owners

[NS051612] Excellent

[NS051613] Personal Copy

[NS051621] Information passed to MCH on Young family. Included copies of relavent Madison CO. Goodspeed, copy of some of Annamae Chandler book "Discovering Chandler Lines...:", and email from Joe Burton, Chandler Family Association (

[NS051623] in pocession of M. C. Harrison

[NS051633] WWW World Connect Project



[NS051843] Marguerite Harrison

[NS051851] The book is also available on CD from Keith Bobbitt, 6127 Randall Lane, Mt. Vernon, IN 47620-- 9165

[NS051852] Excellent

[NS051853] Web version at

[NS051863] Gibson County Library, Trenton, Gibson Co., TN

[NS051891] Concentrates primarily on John Thompson

[NS051941] Family tree without dates copied by MCH from Walton Thomas bible 6/24/82

[NS051953] Obtained as Works document from Joe Stout, Weakley Co. Rootsweb mailing list

[NS052001] Info from Robert Sage and Dale Daugherty

[NS052002] Good

[NS052011] Excellent

[NS052013] Available at


[NS052031] Return address sticker inside front cover reads Mrs. Betty Crawford, P.O. Box 75, Tenaha, TX 75974-0075

[NS052032] Excellent

[NS052033] Gibson County Library, Trenton, Gibson Co., TN


[NS052071] Library of Congress Catalog Card number 86-050390

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