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August 2, 1890
Rev. MANLIF D. ROBINSON, Memphis Methodist Conference, born N.C., March 1 3, 1813; died near Gardner, Tenn., June
24, 1890; moved to Indiana in 1829; to Tenn. in 1848; married (1) Mary Pra ther, no children; (2) Martha A. Frost. Methodist
He was living in the Cravens School House district, Obion, Tennessee duri ng the 1880 census (which was located near his
brother's families in Dyer, TN. His niece Laura P...THER who's parents we re born in Indiana also was living with him at the
time but no wife is listed in the census so it is assumed he married for t he second time after the 1880 census but before his
death in 1890.

From Phillip Robinson "Mattie C. Robinson's Ancestors"

[NI6132] Second son of Tully (7) Robinson and Elizabeth Cowell. According to resear ch
by Ola Mae Robinson and Mozella Wright Goni, migrated from Currituck Co ., NC
to Gibson Co., TN before 1835. They cite a Gibson County recordof 1835 whi ch
shows William C. Robinson to be a minor orphan of Tully Robinson He is lis ted
again as a minor heir to Tully Robinson in an 1837 Gibson Co. record. A nd in
1839 in still another Gibson Co. record he is listed as "heir" of "Tully
Robertson." During his minority these records list " Jefferson Robertso n" as
his guardian. It is unclear why older brother Jefferson Robinson was named
guardian of William C. Robinson
when his mother, Elizabeth Cowell Robinson, was a member of Jefferson
Robinson's Gibson County household and is known to have lived until 1862..
According to research by Ola Mae Robinson and Mozella Wright Goni, (in 183 8)
when William C. Robinson was still a minor he "had his eye on a maid named
Eliza J. Montgomery. On 28 Nov 1838 a marriage bond was issued with no rec ord
of a certificate. Two years later (after William C. turned 21years in 1839 )
he was married on 19 October 1840 in Gibson Co., TN to Martha A.Cooper.
Marriage was conducted with Robinson using the name of William C. Roberts on by
A.S. Black, MG witnessed by A. W. Foster, Clerk. The marriage is record ed in
"Early TN Marriages, Vol 1," by Emily Walker--Groom, Roberts on page 248 a nd
Bride Martha A. Cooper, page 65. The family (12 children) appears in the 1 850
Obion Co. TN US Census, with their first child born in 1841. In the midd le of
Gibson Co, TN one block separates Obion County and Gibson Co., TN. The peo ple
of both counties quite often became confused about their whereabouts. The
family also appears in the U.S. Censis of Obion County in 1860, 1870, a nd 1880.
Further research for this data base is needed to show William C. Robinson' s
marriage partner and list his known descandents, other than Isaac Newton
Robinson, Frank Robinson, and Ola Mae Robinson.

From Phillip Robinson "Mattie C. Robinson's Ancestors"

[NI6149] Listed in the PAC Tax A List of 1789 as owning 2 horses and 3cattle
Listed as owning three slaves in the Census of 1810.
A Charles Robinson is listed in the PAC Census of 1810 as a head
of houshold for: 1 boy age 10-16; 1 male over 45; 1
female26-45; 1 female over 45; 1 additional free person, and 3 slaves.
A Charles Robinson is listed as a land owner in PAC (Ashley's
Bridge, Cowpen CK; 15E, 25S.
No Charles Robinson in PAC in the census of 1820.

From Phillip Robinson "Mattie C. Robinson Ancestors"

[NI6150] Listed as son or William Sr.. Robinson in 1782 PAC PropertyOwners List.
Listed as son of William Sr. Robinson in 1789 PAC tax list.
AWilliam Robinson executed will 12/13/1801 leaving everything he
owned to his friend Thomas Jones. PAC Deed Book
___, page 169.
A William Robinson is listed in the PAC Census of 1830 on page308.
A William Robinson was listed as an orphan of William Robinson
in the PAC Guardian accounts in 1770 & 1771 with David
McClanahan as the guardian.
Possible marriage of William: Mar 17 1790 William Robinson Smith Martha
Taylor Norfolk County James Taylor

From Phillip Robinson "Mattie C. Robinson's Ancestors"

[NI6151] Listed as owning 2 horses in the 1789 PAC tax list.
Currituck County Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions Minutes, 1802 (Part T wo--May Term) N.C. State Archives Microfilm
Reel #C.030.30001: Deeds Exhibited Proved & Achnowledged May Term 1802: Jo nathan Robertson to Samuel Holt,

From Phillip Robinson "Mattie C. Robinson's Ancestors"

[NI6152] 1 NOTE His estate listed as a PAC Property owner in 1815. Back Bay.
2. LIsted in the will of John Holmes, March 25, 1805; June 12, 1805,
Currituck Co. Will Book 2, p. 269 as a witness/jurat.

From Philip Robinson "Mattie C. Robinson's Ancestors"

[NI6156] 1 NOTE PROBABLY DOB earlier....
A William Robinson is listed as the Sheriff of Princess AnneCounty in Apr il 1737
7-10-1736: requested permission to build a hanging pew on theNoth si de of the new church (Mosley family had right of
first refusal).
10/14/1747: Was responsbile for collect leavy for the Northside of Easte rn branch of the Lynnhaven River.
10/21/1755: Won land dispute with Dr. Christopher Wright in church trial
PAC 6DB629 1/20/1746
Deed by William Robinson to William Keeling, Jr. for 200 lbs. 200 acr es in the Eastern Shore given him by his father
Witnesses: William Keeling, Sr., William Cox, Nathaniel McClenahan.
Possible Son or Nephew:
11/7/1783: Apointed Gentalman of the Vestry
9/24/1785: Appointed Clerk of the Vestry

From Phillip Robinson "Mattie C. Robinson's Ancestors"

[NI6157] On July 16, 1760, Ann renounced all benefits provided to her in her husban d's will.

From Phillip Robinson "Mattie C. Robinson's Ancestors"

[NI6158] A Ann Robinson had a PAC guardian account with Jonathan Saundersas the gua rdian.

From Phillip Robinson "Mattie C. Robinson's Ancestors"

[NI6159] Estate owned David McClennan: one year's board,

From Phillip Robinson "Mattie C. Robinson's Ancestors"

[NI6162] William (4) Robinson born in 1688 in Lower Norfolk County, 6th child and f irst
son of Col. Tully (3) Robinson and Sarah (West) Robinson. Moved with paren ts
to Accomack County in 1696/97. Inherited in 1696 from Grandfather Willi am (2)
Robinson in 1696 200 acres of Peter's (Porter's ?) Ridge in Princess Anne
County. On June 6. 1714 land patent granted for 350 acres in Princess Anne
County. In 1724, following death of his father, inherited Grandfather's
plantation in Princess Anne County. In 1735 was Justice of Peace in Prince ss
Anne County. His will was dated and proved 4 March 1740/41 in Princess Ann e
County, Virginia, court. Left various lands to sons Tully and William with
numerous conditions. Codicil to will dated I1 Oct 1740 concerning 250 acre s
in Princess Anne County joining London Bridge. D. before 4 March 1741 in
Princess Anne County, Virginia.
* 12/3/1735: Served on Grand Jury.
* Operated store in Newtown possibly known as Robinson and
Cramond. WB1, Page 86: William of Major William Robinson.

From Phillip Robinson "Mattie C. Robinson's Ancestors"

[NI6163] The name of William (4)..s wife in unknown. Apparently she died before his
will was written in 1740.

From Phillip Robinson "Mattie C. Robinson's Ancestors"

[NI6164] 1 NOTE Records from the Vestry Book of Lynnhaven Parish show:
1) 3/9/1743 Appointed as Parish representative on the North
Side of the Eastern Branch of the Lynnhaven River
2) 2/17/1756 was the Sheriff responsible for collecting church taxes
3) 11/14/1769, 10/10/1770, 10/22/1771, 6/7/1772, 10/22/1772 served as Vest ry Man
4) Replaced becasue of death before 10/18/1773
From website:
"Mary2 Sparrow, born say 1730, was a "Negro Woman" who complained to the P rincess Anne County court on 15 June
1762 that she was entitled to her freedom but kept in slavery by Tully Rob inson, Gentleman. The court appointed James
Holt, Gentleman, as her attorney, and he called John Williams, Alice Iv y, Mary Hurt, and Margaret Langley as her witnesses.
On 17 July 1764 the court found Robinson guilty and ordered him to pay h er forty shillings and the costs of the suit [Minutes
1753-62,501, 505, 519; 1762-9, 21, 78, 109]. by was a taxable head of a ho usehold in Norfolk County in the district from
Tanners Creek to Great Bridge in 1759 [Wingo, Norfolk County Tithables,175 1-65, 147]."
According to Norfolk County Titable List: Owned 104 acres in adistri ct on the south side of Tanners Creek in Norfolk But
not living there becasue no tax paid for person...1766-1770
A Tully Robinson served as Sheriff of PAC 1757.

From Phillip Robinson "Mattie C. Robinson's Ancestors"

[NI6166] not married at death of her brother in 1740

From Phillip Robinson "Mattie C. Robinson's Ancestors"

[NI6167] Benificiary in brother Wiliam's 1740 Will listed as AnnaHancock.
Witness to Brother-in Law's Will, George Smyth ( 5 PACDB 433).

From Phillip Robinson "Mattie C. Robinson's Ancestors"

[NI6169] Colonel Tully B. 31 August 1658, first child and oldest son of Captain
William(2) and Elizabeth Tully Robinson, at family plantation in Lower Nor folk
County on Elizabeth River. Robinson land in that area originally acquir ed by
Tully's grandfather William (1) along East and South Branches of the River .
Tully probably educated in Lower Norfolk County and probably studied law u nder
his father or his father..s colleagues on the Lower Norfolk County Cour t. See
below for career as an attorney In later life when he lived In Accomack Co unty.
At age 18 (in 1676)Tully witnessed a will in Lynn Haven Parish, Norfolk
County. (Part of Norfolk County, including Lynnhaven Parish Church later
became Princess Anne County. 1676 also saw Bacon's Rebellion in Virginia i n
which Governor Berkeley sought refuge from the rebels at the Custis Planta tion
Arlington in Accomack County. Because of past Custis-Robinson ties we assu me
Captain William Robinson and Tully would have stood by Governor Berkeley i n
this contest. Bacon's main support was from areas west of Jamestown. Marri ed
Sarah West of Eastern Shore about 1679. In Nov. 1665 Tully patented 2 parc els
of land in Lower Norfolk County; 100 acres on South side of Eastern Bran ch or
Elizabeth River adjoining Emperour tract and 350 acres jointly with James
Kemp North of River adjoining tract of Thomas Fenwick. AlthoughTully
inherited his father's land in Lower Norfolk County in 1696, It appears th at
before that date Tully had moved his growing family (there were to be 8
children) to Accomack County where his brother-in-law had extensive land
holdings. In 1697 he is a member of the court In Accomack County, practici ng
law.. In 1699 and in 1702 he was a member of the House of Burgesses from
Accomack County and was present when the capitol moved to Williamsbu rg in 1699.
Col. John West died in 1702/3 and Tully..s wife received a life esta te of 600
acres of Ye Folly Plantation, Accomack County. The will named the widow
Matilda as executor and specified that son-in-law Tully 'assist my wife. I n
1704 Tully appealed case from Accamack to the appellate court inWilliamsbu rg.
In 1710 and 1711 Tully was sheriff of Accomack County. Coroner in 1714.
Again represented County in Burgesses in 1718, 1722. and 1723. We speculat e
Tully may have accompanied Governor Spotswood and the 'Knights of the Gold en
Horse-shoe' on the famous 1716 expedition to cross the BlueRidge and explo re
Shenandoah Valley. Tully died 12 November 1723, buried In family plot near
Onancock., His will proved 5 August 1724.
Believed to have held 500 acreas in Princess Ann County in 1704.
Settles the estate of Richard Starling where Tully was largetest credit
in Accomack County on August 10, 1710, with Tully Robinson, the greatest
creditor. [Accomack Order Bk. 1710-1714,p.10]

From Phillip Robinson "Mattie C. Robinson Ancestors"

[NI6171] Captain William (2) Robinson, the 2nd child and oldest son of William ( 1) and
Elizabeth of Shadwell. B. 9 1634 in St. Helen's Parish. London. Educated i n
London schools. Emigrated with family first to Rotterdam, and then about 1 651
to Virginia. In April 1652 was named as a headright by George Kemp who
patented 400 acres In Lynnhaven Parish, Lower Norfolk County. William (2)' s
father was granted 500 acres on South Branch of Elizabeth River on March 1 0,
1652, and was chosen constable for Eastern Branch of Elizabeth River. Abou t
1657, William (2) married Elizabeth (?) Tully, member of an Eastern Shore
family. William (2) was named Commissioner of Lower Norfolk County Cour t. In
1663. William (2). his wife, and John Robinson (his brother) were fined 20 0
lbs of tobacco for attending a Quaker meeting at the home of Mrs. Mary
Emperour, wife of Capt. Francis Emperour, a master mariner and merchant an d
sister of William (2)'s wife, Elizabeth. By 1666 William (2)'s wife, Eliza beth.
had died. The same year his mother, Elizabeth of Shadwell, living on Easte rn
Shore, died. See ER's will. In 1672, as a Justice of the Norfolk County Co urt.
William was commissioned Captain William Robinson by the court. In October
1660, Norfolk County Court ordered Captain Robinson and Major Anthony Laws on
to be trustees for land on which the new city of Norfolk was to be laid ou t.
In 1682 Captain William Robinson patented land on Eastern Branch of the
Elizabeth River (Fausett's lone) In 1663. he patented 350 acres called
Porter's Ridge in Norfolk County from the head of the Eastern Branch of th e
Elizabeth River. In 1684 Captain William Robinson patented 350 acres of la nd
at head of Eastern Branch of the Elizabeth River on Cypress Swamp. In 1655 /66,
Captain Robinson served as member or House of Burgesses for Lower Norfolk
County. In April 1691, Captain Robinson was a vestryman for the Parish of
Lynn Haven. His will, proved 4 March 1695/96, was dated April 1695. See co py
of text dated April 1695. in this volume

From Phillip Robinson "Mattie C. Robinson's Ancestors"

[NI6172] Elizabeth Tully....B. about 1638, A sister of Mary (Tully)Emperour. We bel ieve
the Tully family lived on Eastern Shore and had previously lived in Britis h
West Indies before coming to Virginia. Mary Emperour was wife of Captain
Francis Emperour, prominent mariner and well-known Quaker evangelist. Both
Mary and Elizabeth named their oldest sons Tully. Sarah Emperour witnessed
the will of Captain William (2) Robinson dated 1695. ElizabethTully Robins on
was known to be alive on 3 December 1667 and known to be deceased on 29 Ju ne
1668--27 years before the death of her husband Capt. William Robinson.

From Phillip Robinson "Mattie C. Robinson's Ancestors"

[NI6179] She was the god daughter was John West, the elder son of Col.John

From Phillip Robinson "Mattie C. Robinson Ancestors"

[NI6192] William (1) ....According to baptismal records of St. Helens Church,
Bishopgate, London (International Genealogical Index, (IGI) 1994 edition,
Version 3.06) William Robinson was presented by his parents, Willirm R.
Robinson and Katheryne Watkins Robinson, for baptism 19 December 1611 at
St.Helens Church. He was the 5th child of his parents in a family that by
1622 numbered 10 children. William had two older brothers, Henry, christen ed
in 1605 and John, christened in 1610. There were also two older sisters.,
Anne in 1606 and Katheryne in 1609. William married a Londongirl, Elizabe th (
of Shadwell), about 1632. His father was a well-to-do London merchant w ho had
his own crest registered in the College of Heralds and possessed a family
burial vault in St. Helens Church where he, his wife, and several children
were buried. . William R. Robinson is believed to have died about 1634.
Under the custom of the time, Henry, the oldest son, would have inherit ed the
family merchant business. The IGI says that Henry lived for 77 years and w as
buried 18 November 1682 in William R's vault at St Helens Church. Willi am (1)
Robinson is believed to have emigrated at age 24 to Virginia first in 16 35 as
a headwright for London merchant Johnson, who patented land in Elizabeth C ity
County. William..s older brother, John, may acquired land as early as 16 24 in
the same county. Upon outbreak of Civil War In England in 1642, William (1 )
returned to England where his wife and children may have been living wi th his
his mother under the proptection of his older brother Henry and his cousin
Thomas who had continued the family merchant business following the dea th of
his father, William R. Robinson. Sided with King Charles in the war betwee n
Crown and Parliament. When Charles the First's army was defeated at Mortso n
Moor (1644) and at Nasby (1645). many supporters of the Crown fled to Holl and.
including William (1). his wife, and 2 children. The Robinsons became frie nds
of John (1) Custis and his wife Joanne and become related by marriage wi th the
wedding of Elizabeth Robinson and John (2) Custis. When King Charles was
executed in January 1649. William (1) abandoned all thought of returning t o
London and the merchant business and began making plans to take his growin g
family to Virginia. Was encouraged in this when Capt. Argoll Yardley broug ht a
load of tobacco to sell at Rotterdam In 1649 and before returning to Virgi nia
courted and married Ann Custis, daughter of John (1) Custis, and sold 600
acres of land in Northampton County Virginia land to William(1)'s son-in-l aw,
John (2) Custis. By 1652 William (1) and his family were in Lower Norfolk
County where he was granted 500 acres on South Branch of theElizabeth Rive r
on March 10 of that year. William (1) and William (2) were also named in a
grant of 400 acres on the Eastern Branch of the Elizabeth River to one Geo rge
Kemp. Also in that year William (1) was chosen Constable for the Eastern
Branch of the Elizabeth River. Served on Lower Norfolk County juries In
1652,1653, and 1654.
Additional land was acquired in 1653. His brand for cattle and hogs was
registered at this time. He was awarded 100 lbs. of tobacco in a legal act ion
against Samuel Rutland. In 1654 he signed a petition requesting a minist er for
the church in Lower Norfolk County. Believed to have died about 1655//56.
Served on Norfolk County Court by 1691.

From Phillip Robinson "Mattie C. Robinson's Ancestors"

[NI6193] Elizabeth of Shadwell, born in the Parish of Stepney. Middlesex County,
England, about 1617. According to a memo to Phillip Jefferson Robins on on 23
March 1981 by Ancestry Research Associates the parish church of Stepney " is St.
Dunstan in the East," which would be east of London toward Canterbury.
Elizabeth died about 1667. Will probated in Northampton County Virginia in
1668 and reads as follows:
(The text of this will was copied from "Northampton County Deeds, Wil ls & C No
7, 8, 1655 - 1668" page
26 by Alice Kilpatrick Lambert, genealogist of Fairfax, VA. The copy was
borrowed thru the State Archives of Virginia in Richmond. Some writing is
indecipherable and its interpretation is indicated by ?)
"In the name of God this third day of december, Anno Dom ? 1667and in the
nyneteenth years of the raigne of our Sovereign Lord Charles the Seco nd by ye
Grace of God of England, Scotland, Ffranse and of Ireland defender of ye f ayth
C s I Elizabeth Robinson of Shadwell in the parish of Stuebonhoeth
(alias) Stepney in the County of Mid., ---- (this was end of line in cente r
of book & unreadable, AKL) Widdow Going ? att DE ? Sont inperfect health y et
knowing ye f firalty C woakenoggr of all ffolk C ye scertainty of death, b ut
not by me or how and when, do declare frome I make this my last will and
testament. In manner I forme following, (that is to say) firstI principall y,
I comitt my soule heavenly -- in Christian Burial, att yet direction of my
executer herein after named, imprimis, I do hereby give and bequeath un to my
loving Sonne William Robinson one stone Ring and unto his wifeone black
shi(?)ffr gowne and hayr cullored, (?) wttered (/) majhayard ---
Item, I give and bequeath unto my Loving Sonne John Robinson one broadclo
pettescoatr and waytecoate two paire of sheets, a peuter winequart pott, a nd
little peuter tankard, one peuter dish and one porranger and two sauser s, an---
Item, I give and bequeath unto my Loveinge Son Benjamin Robinson one ffeat rh
Bed and Boulster, two pillowes, one Blankett, one Red Ringe and one
---tablecloth and six naplins marked ER--
Item, I give and bequeeth unto my Loveinge Grandson John Custis a red ston e
Ring. All ye residue surplusage and remainder of my goods whatsoever I do
herebygive and bequeath unto my Loveinge daughter Anna Robinson and I do
hereby make and appoint my sayd Loveinge daughter Anna Robinson ye sole
executrix of this my last will and testament, hereby utterly renouncing -- --
ye mark of
(signed) Elizabeth ER Robinson
her seale
Robert Loggins (?)
Samuel (?) Bellamy
Harrah Greenleefe
The last will and testament of Elizabeth Robinson deseased was proved a tt a
Court held in Northton County in Virginia ye 29th day of June1668 by ye
corporall oathe of Jone Custis and Alisia Custis as on yet other side is
inserted and allowed and ordered to be recorded. The Last will and
(signed ? Will Mollangr, Court North ton.
We the Subscribers doe upon our Oath, declare that Mrs. Elizabeth Robinson
deseased upon her siske bed declared that thee within specified will, w as her
one last Acte and Deede and that those goods bequeathed to her son William
Robinson's wife who was then dead should belong to her daughter Anna Robin son,
her executrix.
Witnessed our hand this 29 June 1668
Alisia Custis
Sworne in open Court yet 29th of June 1669 tesste Will MollingerCt. Cur.,
Coun Northton
Recorded yet Seconf of July 1668 by me Will, Mellinge C and Curl: Coun Nor th
Note: J Custis, the witness above, was the husband of Elizabeth of Shadwel l's
daughter, Elizabeth, who
had died shortly after giving birth to John Cusstis (3). Alisia Custis, th e
second witness, was the second wife of J Custis.
Note that between the writing of this will on 3 Dec 1667 and itsproving in
court on 29 June 1669, the wife of Elizabeth of Shadwell's oldest son, Wil liam
(2) Robinson E llizabeth Tully Robinson, died. That which she was to have
received under the will was instead given in a sick bed wish to ER's
daughter Anna.

From Phillip Robinson "Mattie C. Robinson's Ancestors"

[NI6194] Merchant

Phillip Robinson "Mattie C. Robinson Ancestors"

[NI6196] Elizabeth Robinson (Custis), oldest child of William (1) and Elizabeth of
Shadwell. B. about 1633 in St. Helen..s Parish. London. At about 14 fled w ith
family to Rotterdam. Married John Custis (2) in Rotterdam in 1649. Emigrat ed
to Northampton County Virginia with husband about 1650. Gave birth to John
Custis (3) in 1653. Died about 1654 and believed to have been buried at Cu stis
family plantation, Northampton County, Virginia.

From Phillip Robinson "Mattie C. Robinson's Ancestors"

[NI6197] John Robinson, third child end 2nd son of William (1) and Elizabeth of
Shadwell. B. about 1644, possible in Rotterdam. Known to be living in 1667 /66.
when mother's will was proved. Not otherwise identified in records.

From Phillip Robinson "Mattie C. Robinson's Ancestors"

[NI6198] Benjamin Robi fourth child and 3rd son of William (1) and Eliz. of Shadwel l. B
about 1646, possibly in Rotterdam. D. Dec. 1712, Northampton County Virgin ia.

From Phillip Robinson "Mattie C. Robinson's Ancestors"

[NI6199] Ann (Anna) Robinson fifth child and 2nd daughter of William and Elizabe th of
Shadwell. Believed to have been born after 1647. Named executor of mother' s

From Phillip Robinson "Mattie C. Robinson's Ancestors"

[NI6207] BIOGRAPHY: According to "Foundations of a North American Family," Gifford
Watkin, father of Katherine Watkin Robinson, was Lord of the manor of
Haselbick, co. Northampton.

From Phillip Robinson "Mattie C. Robinson's Ancestors"

[NI6208] According to "Foundations of a North American Family," Katherine Robins on who
became the spouse of Gifford Watkin and mother of Katherine Watkin Robinso n,
was of Drayton Basset, co. Stafford

From Phillip Robinson "Mattie C. Robinson's Ancestors"

[NI6224] According to " Foundations of a North American Family," and "This Robinson
Line 14 68-1938," legend has it that decendents of George Gunn, followi ng his
death in 1464, made their way from County Caithness, Scotland, the ho me of the
Gunn Clan for several centuries, first to the Glasgow area and later into
North England to Romaldkirk. "Unknown 1" listed for this generation would
have been a grandson of George Gunn. Further research may discover his
identity and that of his spouse and children.
Biography: According to information collected from a Mrs. Wilkinson, the
present owner (1994) of the vicarage in Cleasby, Edmund Robinson was the f ather
of John Robinson of Crostwick who lived in the Parish of RumbaldKirk Yorki ss
(of Romaldkirk in Co Ebor in early part of the reign of Queen Elizabeth) a nd
who married Emmot Savage.
The information was copied by a Majorie Williamson who visited the Vicarag e
and was was shown a folder of information by Mrs. Wilkinson.The informatio n
came to Robert Robinson via Ola Mae Robinson of Amarillo, TX.

From Phillip Robinson "Mattie C. Robinson's Ancestors"

[NI6227] According to "This Robinson Line, 1468-1938" George Gunn, chief of the Gun n
Clan had more than five sons.
These included John, Kean, Rob/Robin, Will and Henry. The sons of these to ok
the Scot prefix "Mc" or suffix "son" and their sons became Johnson, McHenr y,
Robinson, Willson, McHenry etc. These given names descended through five
centuries of Robinsons in England and America and the name of Robinson has
ever been spelled the same from the beginning of this line.
BIOGRAPHY: According to George Banks "The Gunns," in The Highlander, Rober t
Gunn, second son of George Gunn, the Crowner, "was ancestor of the militan t
Robson Gunns in Berriedale and Reay dostroct (of Caithness)

From Phillip Robinson "Mattie C. Robinson's Ancestors"

[NI6231] MARRIAGE: Other spouses for Anne Barloe West after 25 May 1652 were: (1)
Anthony Huffe, and (2) Captain Stephen Charlton

From Phillip Robinson "Mattie C. Robinson's Ancestors"

[NI6264] 1900 Federal Census Gibson Co. TN District 21
194 Robinson, Luther Head W M Dec 18 70 29 M 10 TN TN TN Mer ch Dry Goods yes yes y es O F H
Eula L. Wife W F July 18 72 27 M 10 5 4 TN TN TN yes yes yes
Floyd B. Son W M Nov 18 91 8 S TN TN TN At Scho ol yes yes yes
George B. Son W M Sept 18 93 6 S TN TN TN
Mary K. Daughter W F Sept 18 95 4 S TN TN TN
Annie D. Daughter W F Jan 18 98 2 S TN TN TN
L-st--r Son W M Jan 1900 4/ 12 S TN TN TN

[NI6280] George Robinson, Sr. BONDS
Age 57
April 17, 2001
Nashville, TN
Tuesday, April 17, 2001. Mr. Bonds retired as an Assistant District Attorn ey General for Davidson County. He was a graduate of the United States A ir Force Academy and Vanderbilt Law School. A member of the Cumberland Pre sbyterian Church, he was for many years Executive Secretary of the Tenness ee District Attorneys General Conference. Surviving are his mother, Loui se Bonds, Dyer, Tn.; wife, Sandra Birdwell Bonds; daughter, Avery Bonds Ho bby and her husband, Jim, Arlington, Tx.; son, George Robinson Bonds, Jr ., Nashville; grandchildren, Megan Hobby and Blake Hobby; brother, Jo hn W. Bonds, Jr., Atlanta, Ga.; sister, Lucile Bonds, Memphis, Tn. His rem ains are at Woodlawn Funeral Home where friends will be received Wednesd ay 5-8 p.m. and services conducted at 11:30 a.m. Thursday, April 19, 20 01 in the Chapel of Roses with Brother Mark McInteer officiating. Burial w ill follow in Woodlawn Memorial Park. In lieu of flowers donations m ay be made to Vanderbilt Childrens Hospital. Woodlawn Funeral Home, 660 Th ompson Lane, 383-4754, A Dignity Memorial Provider.

From "The Nashville Tennessean"

[NI6298] Lucian Davidson Robinson(12) B.2 May 1922 in Dyer TN, secondchild and
first son of George Bobbitt Robinson(11) and Lucile VeronicaDavidson.
Baptized in Dyer Cumberland Presbyterian Church. M.(1) 14 Nov1947, Sarah
Westbrooks. M.(2) 25 Nov 1955, Bettie Boyd Mills. GraduatedDyer HS. Owned
and operated service station. Great story and tale teller.Known as family
humorist. D.1982. Buried in Eastside Cemetery, Martin TN.

From Phillip Robinson GET&db=prease&id=I745

[NI6313] NSDAR # 38003Y

[NI6382] of Medina. No Children


[NI6445] 511 Elizabeth COOK 44 F . . 620 SC
Margaret COOK 25 F . . . SC
Rosanna COOK 23 F . . . SC
James COOK 20 M . Farmer . SC
George COOK 17 M . Farmer . SC
William COOK 15 M . Farmer . SC
Josiah COOK 13 M . . . TN

GIBSON COUNTY TN 1850 CENSUS Civil District No. 12 Pages 299A-306B
8 1838 1840 Cook Elizabeth 56 F W 1 ,200 300 SC X
REMARKS: Married within the year
9 1838 1840 Cook Rosanna 30 F SC
10 1838 1840 Cook W. 25 M W Farm er 100 Tn
11 1838 1840 Cook Joscak 23 M W Labor er 60 Tn
District 12 - t
Gibson County Tennessee 1880 Census Dist. No. 12
Transcribed by John A. Scruggs
1880 1880 Dist No. 12
396 B
# 98 P. H. WYLEE W M 60 Head M Farmer SC SC SC
Rosanna WYLEE W F 54 Wife M Keeping House SC IRE SC
Nancy COOK W F 75 MotherL W SC IRE IRE

[NI6449] GIBSON COUNTY, TN - Census - 1860 Census District No. 13
Pages 329a - 337b
23 1891 1912 Cook James 29 M W Farmer 5,540 1,000 SC X
REMARKS: Has 1 att school
24 1891 1912 Cook Margrett 38 F Tn
25 1891 1912 Cook George 6 M Tn
26 1891 1912 Cook Mary 4 F Tn
27 1891 1912 Cook Martha 3 F Tn
28 1891 1912 Cook Eliza 3/4 F Tn
Census_Year 1870
Microfilm # M593-1528
State TN
County Gibson
---------------------Begin Actual Transcription----------------------------------
Gibson County Tn Federal Census 1870, civil district No. 13, Milan Post office
Enumerated 21 July 1870 by C.A.McDougald

Value of
House Name of Head of Property Birth
Number Household Age Sex Color Profession Real Pers Location
236 Cook, James 39 M W Farmer 4600 1000 SC
Margaret 45 F W Keep house Tn
Reed G. 16 M W Farm labor Tn
Mary 15 F W At school Tn
Martha 13 F W " Tn
Ellen 10 F W " Tn
Margret 9 F W At home Tn
James 9 M W " Tn
Jane 7 F W " Tn


[NI6450] Gibson County Tennessee 1880 Census Dist. No. 12
Transcribed by John A. Scruggs
1880 1880 Dist No. 12
397 A
# 105J. F. COOK W M 42 M Farmer TN IRE SC
Mary E. COOK W F 29 Wife M Keeping House TN NC VA
William R. L. COOK W M 10 Son TN TN TN
Etta E. COOK W F 8 Dau TN TN TN
Tilla F. COOK W F 6 Dau TN TN TN


1930 Census - Texas

John R. Bills - 43, born Texas, fa. born Tenn. mo. born Texas - farmer
Clemmie wife - age 40 born texas, fa. tenn. mo. Alabama
James R. - 16
Wyndal - 11
Donald - 4
Dorothy - 4
Jack - 3+ 2mo
James A. Cook father in law - 66

1920 Census - Young County, 7 Pct.
John R. Bills age 31
Clemmie - age 29
Leota age 10
John R. age 6
Wendall P. - age 1 yr. 1 mos.

1910 Census- young County

John R. Bills - age 23
Clemmie - age 20
Leota P. dau. age 11 mos.
Loving Cemetery: See

[NI6455] Shiloh General Baptist Church Cemetery, near Bradford:

COOK, Elsie B. - Dec. 2, 1918 - Dec. 8, 1981
John C. - Jan. 8, 1968 - Nov. 2, 1920


[NI6479] James Bobbitt was a farmer and cultivated land left to him by his fath er in Gibson County, Tennessee. He was an intelligent man, well educate d, and cultured. He had the often referred to "Bobbitt" sense of humor a nd enjoyed a good joke. He was a Prohibitionist, a Democrat and a devout P resbyterian. He served as an Elder of the Presbyterian church at Dyer.

James and Mary (Orr) Bobbitt had nine children. Seven girls and two boys m ade up the family. Only the girls lived to maturity. The children were:

From (Page 3 12 of Our Bobbitt Family)
1900 Gibson County, TN, District 21 Census
Transcribed by Jackie Isbell Johnston (
Additional comments and or interpretation are in parenthesis.
It appears that census takers interpreted the Farm Schedule Column in vari ous ways.
The town of Dyer, TN is divided into four wards; and, a fifth part
for those who lived outside of town.
This would include the Currie Community which is at the end of this distri ct.


267 Bobbitt, J. R. Head W M Dec 18 48 51 M 30 TN TN TN yes y es yes
Susan Wife W F Feb 18 53 47 M 30 TN TN TN
J. Miles Son W M Dec 18 76 23 S TN TN TN Farm L aborer yes yes yes
Harvey Son W M Oct 18 74 25 S TN TN TN Farm L aborer yes yes yes
Mary Daughter W F Dec 18 78 21 S TN TN TN At Sch ool yes yes yes
Ina Daughter W F Jan 18 80 20 S TN TN TN At Sch ool
Jessie Daughter W F Feb 18 84 16 S TN TN TN At Sch ool
Emma Daughter W F Mar 18 88 12 S TN TN TN At Sch ool

[NI6485] A very interesting descendant of this family was Ina Bobbitt Noel. She w as very interested in family history and did extensive research in an effo rt to find her American ancestors. She was an active member of the Daughte rs of the American Revolution

From The Bobbitt Family in America, p. 312

[NI6494] ================================================================================================
Gibson County, Tennessee
District 1 Ima ge 1
30 August 1850
Slave Owner Number Age Sex Color Dist Pg Trans criber Comments
Bobbitt, John W. 1 28 M B 9 32
2 16 F B 9 32
From Gibson County, Tennessee 1850 Slave Schedules District No. 1 - 1 0
John William Bobbitt was the first of the children to be born in Tennesse e. John married Mary Jane Province and reared a large family. John di ed on May 22, 1893. Both John and Mary are buried in the Bobbitt Cemete ry at Dyer.

John William Bobbitt was born on June 30, 1820 in Rutherford County, Tenne ssee. He was the first child of James and Mary (Gunn) Bobbitt to be bo rn in Tennessee. He was the third son and sixth child in a family of ten c hildren who lived to maturity. When John was ten years of age in 1830 t he family moved from Rutherford County to Gibson County where John lived u ntil his death in 1893.

On December 3, 1845, John William Bobbitt married Mary Jane Province at Dy er. The marriage is recorded. Mary Jane Province was born in Kentucky on D ecember 1, 1821. The family was counted in the 1850 census of Gibson Count y.

In 1850 John was the eldest living son of James and Mary (Gunn) Bobbitt. J ohn lived on the home place, was a successful planter and a highly respect ed citizen of Bobbittville, Tennessee. Nine children were born to John a nd Mary Bobbitt.

From "The Bobbitt Family in America" pp. 281, 421

[NI6496] James Bobbitt was born in Warren County, North Carolina on February 1, 178 2. He was the first son of Lewis and Mary (Person) Bobbitt.

On February 10, 1809, James Bobbitt married Mary Gunn in Warren County. Ma ry Gunn was born in Warren County on January 26, 1790.

After James and Mary were married they moved from North Carolina to Missis sippi where their first son and child was born. By 1813 the family had mov ed back to North Carolina and lived there until about 1819 or 1820.

On August 25, 1818, James Bobbitt was appointed Constable in the Warrent on District of Warren County, North Carolina. In this same year his fath er died and his will was probated in the May 1818 term of court. James ser ved as Constable until the early spring of 1820.

James and his family, along with the families of his brothers John and Lew is migrated from North Carolina to Rutherford County, Tennessee and were c ounted there in the 1820 census.

Lewis Bobbitt:

1 male under 10 (1810-1820) 1 female under 10 (1810- 1820)

1 male 26 - 45 (1775-1794) 1 female 26 - 45 (1775- 1794)

This we think is a brother of James and that he married Disa Duke. He di ed young and left a family in Tennessee.

John Bobbitt:

2 males under 10 (1810-1820) 1 female 45 & over (....-1775)

1 male 26-45 (1775-1794)

This is John Bobbitt who married Nancy Huse. The female here is Mary (Per son) Bobbitt. James Bobbitt

2 males under 10 (1810-1820) 3 females under 10 (1810-1820)

1 male 10 - 16 (1804-1810) 1 female 26 - 45 (1775-1794)

1 male 26 - 45 (1775-1794)

This is James Bobbitt and Mary (Gunn) Bobbitt. There was also another Lew is Bobbitt family in this area that we are unable to identify at this tim e. He was born 1794-1804. John Bobbitt eventually moved to Indiana, Jam es moved to the newly formed Gibson County, and Lewis died young.

Gibson County was formed in 1823. James Bobbitt purchased his first la nd in Gibson County on November 26, 1830. He bought 120 acres from Gide on Harrison for $ 350.00. By 1839 James owned 675 acres of land and by t he time of his death he owned 741 acres of land.
James had sixteen slaves who aided him in operating a large farming planta tion. In time a community of farm homes developed around the Bobbitt plant ation and was first known as Bobbittville. When the Mobile and Ohio Railro ad came to the community in 1858 the name was changed to Dyer Station. Act ually the town of Dyer was laid-off on lands sold and surveyed by Benjam in F. Bobbitt a son of James Bobbitt.

The family of James and Mary Bobbitt were devout Presbyterians. Marria ge and the family were sacred institutions and highly respected by this fa mily.

Allen Wade Mount, Sr. a descendant of this family gives us an account of e ach member of the family in his book "Our Bobbitt Family" published in 197 2. The book is in the Library of Congress.

Anyone who studies the Bobbitt family of Gibson County, Tennessee will co me across several Bobbitt family members that do not belong to this famil y. At about 1842, James Bobbitt and his family from Madison County mov ed to Gibson County. James Bobbitt was born in 1786 in Warren-County, Nor th Carolina and was a distant relative of James Bobbitt the subject of th is study. I am certain that the two men knew each other and of their fami ly relationship. Their great grandfathers were double first cousins. Bo th of these men reared large families in Gibson County and have numerous d escendants there to this day. Both had several slaves and most of the bla ck Bobbitt families of the area at the present time can be traced to the se two members of the Bobbitt family.

The two James Bobbitts could not have known each other very long in Tennes see as James Bobbitt of this study died at Dyer on May 11, 1846 and is bur ied in the Bobbitt Cemetery. Mary (Gunn) Bobbitt died at Dyer on January 2 6, 1853 at the age of 63 and is buried in the Bobbitt Cemetery.

From "The Bobbitt Family in America" pp. 279-282
James and Mary Bobbitt pioneered 120 acres in 1830 on the site where Dy er is located today.

On May 20, 1848 Pleasant Grove Presbyterian Church was established not f ar from the Bobbitt cemetery. Next Poplar Grove Methodist Church was esta blished three miles east of Dyer. New Bethlehem Baptist Church and Cle ar Creek Baptist church followed in 1851. Mt. Carmel C.P. Church was org anized in 1852. With the organization of the churches, the community beg an to come to life.

In 1858, B.F.Bobbitt, who had inherited 315 acres of land from his fath er laid off a section of his land for business and residential lots. A nd then in 1859, he and his brother-in-law, James L. Berry, opened Berry a nd Bobbitt General Merchandise Store. The town of Dyer originated fr om a small business community that was called Bobbittsville, named for Ben jamin F. Bobbitt. Soon after, J.T. Mathis & Company and Ethridge & Gri er opened mercantile businesses. These three businesses were the only on es existing before the start of the Civil War.

From "The History of Dyer" er.htm

[NI6511] William L. Bobbitt was born in Mississippi. He married Harriet M. Fay. Wil liam died on January 25, 1837 at the age of 27 just three years after h is marriage. He is buried in the Old City Cemetery at Nashville, Tennessee .

From "The Bobbitt Family in America" p. 281

[NI6512] Dorothy Bobbitt was born in Warren County, North Carolina. She married Maj or William J. Davidson of Gibson County, Tennessee. They had one child, na med Ann E. Davidson. Dorothy died on November 10, 1850 at Dyer and is buri ed in the Bobbitt Cemetery.

From "The Bobbitt Family in America" p. 281

[NI6513] Henry Bobbitt was born in North Carolina. He became a Cumberland Presbyter ian minister and lived at Henry Station, in Henry County, Tennessee. Hen ry married Jane Dinwiddie. They had no children. Henry also owned a sto re and was a successful farmer. Henry Bobbitt died February 19, 1891. Bo th Henry and his wife were brought back to Dyer and buried in the Bobbi tt Cemetery.

From "The Bobbitt Family in America" p. 281

[NI6514] Susan Bobbitt married Henry M. L. Barton in Gibson County. She died in Dy er on July 20, 1892. She and her husband are both buried in the Bobbitt Ce metery at Dyer.

From "The Bobbitt Family in America" p. 281

[NI6516] James Bobbitt was the second child to be born in Tennessee. James was marr ied two times, first to Eliza Ann Province, and secondly to Melissa (Hal e) Wyatt. James died at the age of 34 on May 13, 1857 and is buried in t he Bobbitt Cemetery at Dyer.

From "The Bobbitt Family in America" p. 281

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