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[NI2696] [HarrisonTW.FTW]

Donnie was a Registered Nurse.

[NI2697] [HarrisonTW.FTW]

Dalton Russell was a First Sgt. in Army Air Corps in WWII. He was a hero a nd survivor of the Bataan Death March, only to perish on the Arison Mar u, a Japanese Ship loaded with POW's that was sunk by a US Submarine, t he Shark, in the South China Sea. The Japs did not mark the Arison Maru wi th a red cross signifying that prisoners of war were on the ship. All b ut 9 of the 1800 POW's perished.
From Descendents of Gideon Harrison by John Nash:

Killed at sea on Japanese Prisoner of War Ship.

[NI2698] [HarrisonTW.FTW]

Allen Mathis was Donnie Harrison's second husband. He was buried at sea. H is ashes were scattered in the Atlantic Ocean.
From Descendents of Gideon Harrison by John Nash:

Ashes were scattered in Atlantic Ocean.

[NI2699] [HarrisonTW.FTW]

Ava lived one year and one day and died in her mother's arms of pneumon ia or meningitis.

[NI2700] [HarrisonTW.FTW]

Charles Lee Harrison, Jr. died on May 27, 1985 in the bedroom at the ho me of his father, Charles Lee Harrison, Sr., which was the same bedroom th at Charles, Sr.'s father, Henry Addison Harrison died in the year 1946.

[NI2701] [HarrisonTW.FTW]

Henry was run over by a car and killed in front of his house.
From Descendents of Gideon Harrison by John Nash

Hit and killed by a car in front of the family home.

[NI2702] [HarrisonTW.FTW]

Steven Vance and Henry Lance were twins. Steven was born first and was a l ittle larger than Henry. This is why he was called " Little Henry ." Stev en Vance was lost at sea in a plane crash.
From Descendents of Gideon Harrison by John Nash

Lost at sea when his plane crashed in the ocean.

[NI2704] [HarrisonTW.FTW]

Barbara Jean was killed in a car wreck near Chapel Hill, NC.

[NI2822] [HarrisonTW.FTW]

Hal was a baseball shortstop for the San Francisco Giants and the New Yo rk Yankees in the 60's and early 1970's. He was the third base coach for t he St. Louis Cardinals, and later became manager of the Houston Astros Te am and won the National League Title in 1986.

[NI2973] [HarrisonTW.FTW]

Robert was born in High Point, NC to Horace Clifford and Serlie Frye Chane y. He grew up in the Oak Hill Community, attended Oak Hill Elementary, Fer ndale Middle School, graduating from High Point Central High. He later att ended and graduated from Jones Business College, also attended High Poi nt College. He worked for the City of High Point for a brief period befo re going into the Army in the Korean War in 1953. He was in the 8th infant ry Division, 13th Regiment and later was assigned to the Third Army with t he rank of Staff Sergeant at Fort Jackson, SC and Fort Monroe, VA. After r eturning from the war he went to work for Duke Power Company in High Poin t, NC retiring after 33 years of service.

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Frank Miller was from Baltimore, MD.

[NI3128] [HarrisonTW.FTW]

[NI3132] [HarrisonTW.FTW]

Roberta and Henry Loflin had twin daughters, Linda and Janet.

[NI3146] [HarrisonTW.FTW]

William Henry Harrison called " Bill " has looked after the upkeep of h is great-grandfather Henry Addison Harrison's home place on Handy Road f or the last several years. He sees that the tin roof is kept intact aft er a strong wind blew a piece loose. He was married here on this lovely se rene home place on the hill to his bride, Melanie Gallimore in 1988 und er the majestic 2 old oak trees. He wishes to be cremated at death and h is ashes scattered under the Majestic old oaks.

[NI3147] [HarrisonTW.FTW]

Named after Abigail.

[NI3155] [HarrisonTW.FTW]

Shirley was a Registered Nurse in the Army.

[NI3156] [HarrisonTW.FTW]

Tami was born in Okinawa, as her father was in the Army and she later beca me an American Citizen.

[NI3243] Gibson County TN Federal Census 1870, Civil District No. 2
enumerated 7 July 1870 by W. A. Stilwell pg 218 b
P.O., Humboldt
Value of
House Property Birth
Nbr. Names of Household Age Sex Col Profession Real Pers Location
87 Witt, W. H. 50 M W Farmer 10000 1500 TN
Harriet M. 33 F W Keeps house "
Martin 21 M W Farmer "
Jno L. 18 M W " "
William 17 M W Farm labor "
Milton 15 M W " "
Benj F. 13 M W " "
Annie M. 11 F W At home "
George 3 M W " "
McGir, A. 30 M W Carpenter "

[NI3262] Dollie's name was chosen while reading a newspaper according to her mothe r, Nancy Alice - Bill Witherspoon 4/8/2002

[NI3276] 1900 Nevada county, AR census: Downs, Lula, age 14, living in househo ld as boarder - Bill Witherspoon 4/8/2002

[NI3461] [HarrisonTW.FTW]

Caroline was named after her great-grandmother.

[NI3473] [HarrisonTW.FTW]

Timothy was an Ob/Gyn Doctor in the Army Medical Corp. from 1973 thru 1989 .

[NI3482] [HarrisonTW.FTW]

Terry Lee died before birth in a car accident that killed his grandmothe r, Barbara Jean Harrison-Parks-Aldridge. Billi, his mother, was on the w ay to the hospital to give birth when the car accident happened in May, 19 87.

[NI3503] Served in WW1 as Pvt Inf. inducted on 05-26-1918 - Bill Witherspoon 4/ 8/2002

[NI3689] [HarrisonTW.FTW]

Ralph was killed in World War II.

[NI3728] [HarrisonTW.FTW]

Colby was born at 10:09 p.m. and weighed 6 lbs. 13 ozs. and was 19 1/2 i n. long.

[NI3757] [HarrisonTW.FTW]

Eric and Aaron are twin brother's.

-----Original Message-----
From: Robert Sprafkin
Sent: Wednesday, September 18, 2002 5:37 PM
Subject: "Unknown Sprafkin'

I did a Lycos search for the name "Sprafkin" and came across the Carne,Har rison and Related Families website and found a reference to "Unknown Spraf kin." Since ours is an unusual family name, and all of the sprafkins of wh om I am aware seem to be related (there aren't many), I wondered if you we re aware of the reference in the geneology. Robert P. Sprafkin, Ph.D.

Hello Robert,

The "Unknown Sprafkin" is listed as born July 23, 1941, roughly my ag e, and married to Barbara June Cooper. You? I obtained the information fr om Tony Woodrough who is also related to the Harrison family. Accordi ng to his information, Barbara June Cooper is the grand daughter of Cora E stelle Harrison via her mother, Hazel Brewer. Cora Estelle Harrison was t he daughter of George Amos Harrison, the son of Zachariah Grant Harriso n, son of Baker H. Harrison who was my 3rd great-grandfather. WHEW! You c an trace it back up from Hazel Brewer at Genealogy/family/d0000/g0000039.html#I0280 and wander around to your heart 's content. Later family members were not known to be deceased, and hen ce have no details listed which would allow you to search.

It is amazing that the search engine "spiders" have found those genealo gy listings, and more and more people looking for themselves or their fami ly are coming across them. I have had several inquiries such as yours, a nd discovered a few distant cousins that way! Google seems to have me we ll indexed these days whether I like it or not. I've never made an effo rt to make those pages known to anyone other than family and friends who a re interested in genealogy, but they are available to anyone searching.

Jim Harrison
Richardson, TX

[NI3799] Tully (7) Robinson. B. 1780-1784, probably in Princess Anne County, V A, It is
believed he was born after the 1782 Princess Anne tax list which listed ol der
brothers Charles and William (7) as only sons in William (6)household.
Between 1782 and 1790, migrated with parents to Currituck County, N.C., an d
later to Rowan County, NC. Counted as one of two male family members under
age 16 in William (6) family in 1790 U S. census. Named in father's will o f
1798 /99.

Acted as exector of his father's will before court in Currituck County, N C. "Came into Court Tulley Robertson one of the
Executors named in the Last will and Testament of William Robertson deceas ed and qualifyed as Executor thereto
agreeable to law." Tuesday, February 23, 1802. Currituck County Court of P leas and Quarter Sessions Minutes 1802
(Part One--February Term) N.C. State Archives Microfilm Reel #C.030.300 01 (continuation of reel)
Married Elizabeth Cowell in 1802. Before Feb. 12, 1804 the family
may have had several children, but no name or birth dates have been found.
On that date Jefferson (8) Robinson was born, probably in Currituck County .
According to research by Ola Mae Robinson a second son, William C. Robinso n,
was born to Tully (7) and Elizabeth on 12 May 1818, and a third son, Tully
(8), infant, is named in Rowan County court records dated from 1821 and 18 29.
Tully 7 is believed to have been the ..Tully Robertson.. listed in the 18 20 U.S.
census of Currituck County. Soon after the census was taken, Tully died.
Elizabeth's second marriage to Pete Twomey is dated in family bibles as 18 21.
AKL places Tully (7)'s death after the 1820 census was taken. Ola Mae
Robinson's research includes an entry in Rowan County court minutes th at on 20
August 1821 the court ordered that Charles Anderson, Esq., Daniel Rushing,
Warner Brown, and Loarlot Glascock "act as a committee to lay up one year' s
provision for the widow and family of Tally Robinson." Thiswould make Tull y
7's death before 20 August 1821.
On the same date (20 Aug 1821) the court ordered that "the sheriff to summ on
a jury of good and lawfulmen to lay up by mites and bounds the ownership o f
Betsy Toomy in the lands of her late husband Tally Robinson. "Under
Administrations of Estates, August 1821, the Rowan County Court Minutes re port
that the estate of Tally Robinosn "granted to Patrick Toomey and he gave b ond
with Samuel Little nd Williamon Harris in $2000 and he qualified and
obtained letters. Rich Gillespie, guardian of Robinson's heirs, files his
On 3 February 1829 the Rowan County Court Minutes record that Jefferson
Robinson was appointed Guardian of Tully Robinson. By that date Jefferson
Robinson would be 25 years of age.
The above court orders and minutes tell us that: (1) By 20 August 1821, wi dow
Elizabeth Robinson had become the wife of Patrick Toomy (Twomey.) (2) Th at a
survey was made of the lands of the late Tully (7) Robinson. (3) That
administration of Tully Robinson's estate was granted to Patrick "Pete" To omy
(Twomey) who posted a bond of $2,000. (4) That Rich Gillespie was named
guardian of Tully 7 Robinson's heirs, i.e. Jefferson Robinson (aged 17),
William C. Robinson, (aged 3), and Tully (8) Robinson, (aged 1). Finally ( 5)
that the identities of three children by Tully (7) and Elizabeth Robins on are
known, i.e. Jefferson, William, and Tully (8).
For this research we are indebted to Ola Mae Robinson andMozella Goni.

Currituck County Court Records
Currituck County Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions Minutes 1801 (Part Th ree--August Term) N.C. State Archives
Microfilm Reel #C.030.30001 (continuation of reel)
[86a] Monday, August 31, 1801
Ordd. that Louis Thomson be allowed the sum of fifteen [inserted remark, " the first year"] pounds for the maintenance of a
bastard Child begotten on her Body by Tulley Robertson to commence from t he 25 of October 1799. Ordd. that Louis
Thomason be allowed the sum twelve pounds [inserted remark, "the second ye ar"] for the Maintenance of a bastard Child
begotten on her body by Tulley Robertson to Commence from the 25 October 1 800.

LDS film 019729 - Rowan Co., NC - Divisions of Estates - Widow's Dowers (l oose sheets in alpha order by
surname) Elizabeth (Cowell) Robinson's Dower (Widow of Tully Robinso n) (a hand sketched diagram of land showing
widow's portion divided off) State of North Carolina Rowan County By . . . iance to an order of the worshipful court of said
county of August Session 1821. We the subscribers after being duly qualifi ed agreeable to act of assembly in such case
made and provided have provided to set off the dower of Elizabeth Robinso n, widow of Tully Robinson, dec'd out of the
above plan. Beginning at a dogwood one of his original corners running Sou th thirty chains to a red oak sapling thence East
fourteen chains and twenty four links to a red oak thence North thirty cha ins to a Stone, on original line of the old rack
thence to the first location, containing forty two and one third acres - S urveyed october the 10th 1821 by John Little,
D.S. (signed by 12 men) J. Henderson Eliphet Smoot, Sr. Thos. Cole Dani el Ratledge (crossed out) Scarlet Glascock
John Taylor Warner Brown Daniel J. Smoot Nathaniel Comer Baker Johnson Jos eph Beale Richard Anderson Charles
Anderson Next sheet . . . two scraps of paper - writing still legible Row an County August 1821 Oredered by the
Court that Charles Anderson Esquire, Daniel Rutledge (Ratledge), Warner Br own and Scarlett Glascock act as a Committe
to lay off one years provision for the widow and family of Tully Robinso n. Rowan County - August Session 1821 Ordered
by the Court that the Sheriff Summon a jury of good and lawful men to l ay off by metes and bounds the Dower of Betsy
T_mey in the lands of her late husband, Tully Robinson. - - - - - - - - No te: Elizabeth remarried after Tully's death to Patrick
Toomey. One son born to them 1825 - George Washington Toomey removed to Cl ark Co., IN with many others from
Rowan/Davie Co. area. Children of Tully Robinson & Elizabeth Cowell: Els ie Robinson 23 Jun 1810 m. John Ratledge
to Gibson Co., TN Martha Robinson Tullius Robinson Adam J. Robinson Alec R obinson Esther Robinson Dickenson
Robinson Manlief Dickerson Robinson m. Mary Prather to Clark Co.,IN Thom as Jefferson Robinson William Cowell
Robinson b. 12 May 1818

[Deedbook 10; pg. 34] Tully ROBERTS (says ROBERTSON on signature lin e) to Thos. WILLIAMS. Both of Currituck. 15
Nov 1808. Four hundred and fifty silver dollars. Land in Currituck near t he Grate (sic) Swamp it being the plantation
whereon William MONCREIF formerly lived. by John MIDGHTS(?) Swamp Road; TH OMSON's line. One hundred acres. /s/
Tully ROBERTSON. Witnesses, J. NICHOLSON, Will BRUMSEY. February Term 180 9. Registered 2(?) May 1809.
Currituck County Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions Minutes, 1801 (Part T hree--August Term), N.C. State Archives
Microfilm Reel #C.030.30001, Monday, August 31, 1801 Ordd. that Louis Thom son be allowed the sum of fifteen
[inserted remark, "the first year"] pounds for the maintenance of a basta rd Child begotten on her Body by Tulley Robertson
to commence from the 25 of October 1799. Ordd. that Louis Thomason be allo wed the sum twelve pounds [inserted
remark, "the second year"] for the Maintenance of a bastard Child begott en on her body by Tulley Robertson to Commence
from the 25 October 1800.

From Phillip Robinson "Mattie Hale's Ancestors"

[NI3816] [HarrisonTW.FTW]

Everett served in WW ll in the US Army, his rank was TEC 4.

[NI3818] [HarrisonTW.FTW]

Lillian was a retired employee of Kellwood Manufacturing Co. of Greenfiel d, TN and a life-long member of the Greenfield United Methodist Church, wh ere she took a very active part in all church activities.

[NI3819] WILLIAM DENNIS HARRISON, 66, of Memphis, died Sunday, February 26, 2006, at Methodist University Hospital. Funeral services will be at 10 a.m. Wednesday at Memorial Park Funeral Home with a 2 p.m. Graveside service at Highland Cemetery in Greenfield, TN. He was a printer with the Commercial Appeal and Christ United Methodist Church. He was a veteran of the U.S. Army, 32nd Degree Mason, member of Normal BG Lodge, Scottish Rite, and a Shriner. He was preceded in death by his parents, Thomas and Eleanor Jobe Harrison, of Greenfield, TN. He leaves his wife Evangeline "Vangie" Donald Harrison; a sister, Kathryn Harrison Sawyers, of Greenfield, TN; and numerous nephews, nieces, relatives, coworkers, and friends. The family requests that any memorials be sent to the American Heart Association or the American Cancer Society. Memorial Park Funeral Home 901-767-8930
Published in The Commercial Appeal on 2/28/2006.

[NI3831] 1880 Federal Census:
Census Place: Gleeson Store, Weakley, Tennessee
Source: FHL Film 1255285 National Archives Film T9-1285 Page 31 0C
Relation Sex Marr Race Age Birthplace
Rufus A. BEILEY Self M M W 25 TN
Occ: Farmer Fa: VA Mo: VA
Eliza BEILEY Wife F M W 26 KY
Occ: Keeping House Fa: KY Mo: KY
Georgia M. BEILEY Dau F S W 3 TN
Fa: TN Mo: KY
1920 Federal Census: Weakley County Civil District 2 (Martin)
Page 35B lines 51-100
[McCombs St.]
Bailey, Rufus A./Head/M/W/65/Marr/TN/VA/TN/B---er/Wells
Bailey, Liza L./Wife/F/W/66/Marr/KY/KY/VA
Clayton, Fannie/MIL/F/W/85/Wd/VA/VA/VA
From Harry Veatch web site: #I000993
|"Uncle Rufe died at the home of Charles Leonard Milner. He had a daught er in Martin,
Tennesee who would not let him stay there so he died a Papa's house" sourc e: Leonard Milner

[NI3832] "Aunt Marge" is the source of the story about John Baker having a half brother named Calvin M. Harrison. This Calvin M. Harrison supposedly was a doctor in Cooper, TX and had a son named Wilford who worked for B.F. Goodrich in Dallas. The existance of these people has been proven. The link between Calvin M. Harrison and his father is still shrouded in mystery, however.

"Aunt Marge" is also responsible for the statement that "Woodie" Harrison 's name was Zephania Henry Woodson Harrison.
Margie Young Harrison, JACKSON

A memorial service for Margie Young Harrison, age 89, will be held in the Chapel of Lawrence-Sorensen Funeral Home, Sunday, January 22, 2006, at 1:30 P.M., with Dan Bruce, Minister of Education, First Baptist Church, officiating.

Burial will follow in Hollywood Cemetery.

Mrs. Harrison died January 20, 2006 in Forest Cove Health Care Center.

She was born in Jackson, daughter of the late George Henry and Bessie Winston Young.

She was educated in the Madison County Schools. Mrs. Harrison served as a faithful volunteer at Jackson-Madison County General Hospital and was an active member of First Baptist Church, Jackson.

She was preceded in death by her husband, Russell Harrison; two brothers, Curtis and Charles Young; and one sister, Ann Young.

She is survived by cousins, Gladys Seward Ward, Jack Seward, Charles Seward, Larry Seward and Marlan Seward.

Visitation will be from noon until 1:30 P.M. prior to the memorial service.

Any memorials may be made to the church.

Lawrence-Sorensen Funeral Home 731-424-2424

As reported in The Jackson Sun on 01/22/2006

[NI3837] From

Abner Heath Harrison was the son of William Baxter "W.B." Harrison (b.18 82 Rowan Co, NC-d.1941 Cabarrus Co, NC) and Rosa Nettie Brown (b.1885 Row an Co, NC-d.1971 Cabarrus Co, NC). They moved to Concord from Salisbur y, NC about 1918. W.B. Harrison owned a grocery store bearing his name, th at was at "Five Points", at the intersection of S. Spring St., Chestnut S t. and Broad St. in Concord. William Baxter Harrison and Rosa Nettie Bro wn are buried at Unity Presbyterian Church, Woodleaf, Rowan County, Nor th Carolina.


[NI3852] From

Abner Heath Harrison (b.Jan 10, 1906 Rowan Co, NC-d. July 7, 1970 Cabarr us Co, NC), married on June 29, 1932 in York Co, SC to Bertie Hazeline Rhy ne (b.March 25, 1905-d. May 4, 1971). They are buried at Carolina Memori al Park, Concord, Cabarrus County, North Carolina.


[NI3956] [HarrisonTW.FTW]

Kayley was born at 5:32 p.m. and weighed 7 lbs. 8 ozs. and was 20 1/2 i n. long.

[NI3957] [HarrisonTW.FTW]

Mose was born Jan. 18, 1841 and died Feb. 23, 1901, he is buried in Antioch United Methodist Church Cem., near Linpoint Store on the Antioch Rd., Gibson Co., TN.

[NI3958] [HarrisonTW.FTW]

The 1900 Census for Gibson Co., TN indicates that Presley and Mary Loue sa had six children but only three were living as of 1900.

[NI3959] [HarrisonTW.FTW]

Presley's tombstone has an Odd Fellows Emblem on it.

1834 Letter from Elizabeth Barnard Love
to her sister

Printed below is a June 19, 1835 letter from Elizabeth Barnard Love to h er sister Peggy Young in Burnsville, Yancey County, North Carolina. It w as provided by Belinda Bettis of Hayesville, North Carolina, a Barnard res earcher. Barnard is commonly misspelled "Barnett." Luke Barnard came in to Rabun County while Cherokees were still there. He arrived at a date whi ch appears to be before the date of the arrival of the Dillards (see Jo hn T. Coleman's article above) and had daughters, Sally Barnard (the wi fe of James Dillard), Elizabeth Barnard (wife of Thomas Love), Nancy Barna rd (wife of Doctor Carnes), Margaret (“Peggy") Barnard (wife of Josh ua P. Young), and sons John Barnard (mentioned in John T. Coleman's artic le above as "John Barnett"), Andrew Barnard, and possibly Joseph Barnard.

Thomas Love, the husband of Elizabeth Barnard Love, was a son of Thomas Lo ve and Martha Dillard Love. Martha Dillard Love was a daughter of Thomas D illard, Jr. of Pittsylvania County, Virginia who moved to and died in Wash ington County, North Carolina later Tennessee. This letter gives us a glim pe of how and to what extent our early migrating ancestors kept up with ea ch other (and they did have letters and a post office!), and their pa in in leaving and not hearing from loved ones left behind..

Henry County, West Tennessee June 19, 1835

Dear Sister:

After an absence of nearly two years I avail myself of the present opportu nity of writing you a few lines to let you know I am still in the la nd of the living though many miles from the land of my youthful pleasure b ut I think I am placed in a situation far superior to many things I cou ld have promised myself in that country. I have nothing very particul ar to write there has been so much said already about this country th at I think it would ---- to say any more. Our family are all well and a ll the rest of the friends in this country. Hoping these few lines may fi nd all enjoying the same blessings. Brother John and the doctor are very w ell pleased with their move to this country. John was married on the 20 th of May to Miss Eleander Sisson and I think there is no doubt but she wi ll make him a good wife and an agreeable companion. Mr. Love has purchas ed land in this country 6 miles from Parris. I feel entirely satisfied a nd think we are settled for life. I have understood that father and moth er intends visiting you this summer. I feel for you my dear Sister for I k now there is no person but one who have parted with a dear old father a nd mother thinking it to be the last time they are ever to see them that c an conceive what I felt when I left mine for I had no idea I ever should s ee them any more in this life but I now have the pleasing prospect of meet ing with them again if we should all be spared a few months longer. I wro te to you shortly after our arrival in this country and have been anxious ly expecting a letter from you ever since but I have not received the fir st line from none of my relatives since I left that country only from my t wo brothers. I think I must complain of you and Sally Dillard for it see ms as though you have forgotten that you have a sister by the name of Lov e. We have never enjoyed better health in our family in our lives th an we have since we came to this country. I expect to be confin ed by 20 of September. We have had a very wet season and the prospec ts of crops are not so good at this time. We all join in love to you and a ll your family and all inquiring friends. So no more but remains your affe ctionate sister.
Elizabeth Love"
From ome=1053477475
(Original furnished by Belinda Bettis)

To: Margaret Barnard Young (living in then Burnsville, Yancey
County, NC) now, Madison county, NC
From: Elizabeth Barnard Love
(Living in Henry County, West Tennessee)
Date Written: August 1st 1841

Dear Sister
I once more take my pen in hand to write to you to let you know we a re
all well at present hoping these lines may find you all enjoying the sa
blessing I have no news of importance I must confess I feel some what
ashamed of not writing to you before allthough I think I can with justi
complain of your not writing to me since I saw you I have had three
daughters Dorcas, Dicia and Lettishia they are all fine little girls Letti shia
is five months old I expect you have no doubt heard of the death of our
little Polly it will be three years this fall since she died it was a seve re
trial to give her up but oh Sister, if I could have her back for asking f or
worlds I would not ask it if I had of died at her age how much sin and
hardship would I have escaped you will probably be surprised when I tell y ou
we are making preparations to leave Tennessee we are going to move to Miss ouri
between four and five hundred miles from where we now live.
Mr. Love has been and looked at the country he likes the appearance of
the country much better than he ever did this country the land is very ri ch
and fertile but scarce of timber in places the water is plenty and very go od
but limestone he is going to settle on the Ozark Mountain he says the
range is as good as it ever was in Buncombe He was at William Dillards
he has been living in that country four years and is very well pleas
says he believes it to be equally as healthy as Buncombe is at this time
Mr. Love sold his land here for thirty six hundred dollars he says for ha lf
the money he can settle himself much more to his notion in Missouri and
be where his children can settle to advantage you may think strange of
my being willing to go so far from all my connection but I am very willi ng
to go as I hope it will be to the advantage and satisfaction of my own
amily but it would far exceed the bounds of a letter to say all I would wi sh
to say I must therefore conclude after begging of you not to forget me
when I am allmost a thousand miles from you do write to me as soon as
you receive this letter if you should not receive it in time to gi ve me an
answer by the middle of October write to Missouri Green County Springfie ld
Mr. Love joins me in sending our best love and respects to you and Josh
in particular give my love to all the children and all inquiring friends
I am my Dear Sister
Yours most affectionately

Elizabeth Love

NB: I heard from John and Nancy a few days ago them and their familys
was all well John's wife has no child nor no prospect of having any

Printed in the 2000 Dillard Annual was a June 19, 1835 letter from Elizabe th Barnard Love to her sister Peggy Barnard Young in Burnsville, Yancey Co unty, North Carolina. Belinda Bettis of Hayesville, North Carolina, a Bar nard researcher, provided it. Elizabeth Barnard was the wife of Thomas Lov e. She was a sister of Sarah Barnard Dillard, the wife of James Dilla rd of Rabun County, Georgia. Thomas Love was a son of Thomas Love and Mar tha Dillard Love (who was a daughter of Thomas Dillard, Jr. of Pittsylvan ia County, Virginia and Washington County, North Carolina later Tennessee ).

Printed below is a May 5, 1848 letter from Elizabeth Barnard L ove to this same sister. By 1848 Elizabeth Barnard Love and her husban d, Thomas Love, had migrated from Henry County, West Tennessee to Wright C ounty, Missouri. This letter has also been provided by Belinda Bett is of Hayesville, North Carolina. The two letters are helpful in provi ng the names of the children of Luke Barnard and wife whose name at this t ime is unknown. Spelling has been left as in the original letter to the e xtent possible. Paragraphing and punctuation has been supplied for readabi lity.

"Wright County, Mo May 5, 1848

Dear Sister

I have once more set down to write you A few lines with painful emotio ns my dear sister. I have to communicate to you than in less than one sho rt year we have been deprived by death of our two oldest children. Robe rt died last September in Santafee. He turned out volunteer and was elect ed first lieu in his captains company. They belonged to the 3 regime nt of mounted men from this state. He was taken sick about the 3rd of Ju ly and was never able to set up another day. He was hauld in a small wagg on across the sandy desert between Missouri and New Mexico to the ci ty of Stantafee where his poor body lies far away from his home.

Oh, sister you may better conceive than I describe my feelings. Whi le I am writing on the subject the tears allmost blinds me. I can scarce ly write legible. We have never learned the particulars of his sickness n or death.

Patsey was married two years ago to a Mr. Lea from east Tennessee. She d ied on the 27 of March past. She left a little daughter five days old. S he was perfectly willing to die. She kept her sences to the last. I wean ed my baby and am suckling hers. Its a very pretty healthy child. She na med it her self. She called it Mary Elizabeth.

The rest of our family is all well. I have had 5 children since I saw y ou 4 daughters and one son, Dorcas, Diannah, Letitia, Thomas and Elle n. My youngest is about 16 months old.

Margaret was married a year ago. She has a fine daughter about a month ol d. She married a Tennsyeean by the name of Burnnett. They live abo ut 15 miles from us. She calls her baby Martha. We have a good country n otwithstanding our misfortune. I am entirely satisfied to live her e. We have a beautiful farm. Mr. Love raised between 3 and 4 thousand bu shels of corn last season, something over 3 hundred bushels wheat and a la rge crop of oats.

I feel so anxious to hear from you all its renders me very unhappy at tim es but I am compelled to think as little as possible about my own connecti on as it appears they have allmost all forgotten me. I have not receiv ed but two letters from any of my own connection. Since the death of o ur poor brother John, I own I have been a little neglectful about writi ng but I have written to that country so often and received no answer th at I am more excusable.

I do hope you will not fail to write to me as soon as you receive thi s. Do write all about all your own family and all the connection and frie nds. If old uncle and aunt McElroy is living do remember me to them. Te ll them I hope they have not forgotten me. Tell all our cousins I want th em to write to me and let me know all about their families. Now sist er do write as soon as you receive this letter and let me know all about y our family as I don’t know how many children you have or whether they a re all living with you or not.

I received a letter from sister Dillard a few weeks since. It gi ve me a great deal of satisfaction indeed. She stated she would have wro te before is she had known what P. O. to direct a letter to. If that is t he reason you don’t write I hope you will see from this letter direct to W right County, Mo. Hazelwood P. O.

Mr. Love had placed (?) himself that he could arrange his business so th at we would have been able to have went to North Carolina this spring b ut we have entirely abandoned the idea. I shall write to Father in a sho rt time. It has been almost three years since I received a line from hi m. I don’t know what can be the cause. I do believe I have an adversa ry in the family. I may be wrong but I do think I have good reason to bel ieve it but I know that if I have given any cause to be treated the w ay I have been I was ignorant of it but I submit to may fate as I know th is world is but a dream. Mr. Love joins me in love to you and Joshua a nd all the friends.

E lizabeth Love"

The envelope is addressed in handwriting to "Joshua Young, Burnsville, Ya ncy County, North Carolina." The return address on the envelope is mark ed "Hazelwood, Mo. May 9th" and further marked "fowd from Barnardsvill e, N. C. June 21st ."

[NI3973] That Peggy Barnard and Sarah Barnard were twin sisters is recorded in t he family data of the late Mary Ritchie Dillard, wife of Zach Dillard

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Are there any connections between SAMUEL and STEPHEN DOAR mentioned in
the message below, and THOMAS DOAR who married LOUISA DUBOIS? LOUISA
(1800-1883) was born in Charleston to PETER DUBOIS and ANN CLARKSON
CARNE. And what is the DOAR reference, p. 44, to? The St. James Parish
Records? More below:

1. THOMAS3 DOAR (THOMAS2, JOHN1) was born 1795 in Georgetown, South
Carolina, and died 1857. He married LOUISA ANN DUBOIS1 April 07, 1825
in Charleston, SC2, daughter of PETER DUBOIS and ANN CARNE. She was
born August 19, 1800 in South Carolina3, and died October 24, 1883 in
Sumter, SC4.

Children of THOMAS DOAR and LOUISA DUBOIS are:
2.i.ESTHER ANNE4 DOAR, d. January 17, 1911, Sumter County, SC.
4.iii.JOHN WILLIAM WATTS DOAR, b. June 18, 1826.
iv.MARTHA SUSANNAH GLADDEN DOAR, b. December 26, 18295.

[NI4023] [HarrisonTW.FTW]
Tom's tombstone reads " 23 years 3 months 25 days "

Doubtful relationship - He appears to have been born 13 years before his p arents were married, when his mother was only 9 years old!

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... (See notes for parents)
No date given:

Services for Clifford Harrison, 60, will be at 2 P.P. Friday at Willia
Funeral Home with Houston Patrick and Billy Joe Walker officiating. Buri al
will be in Bradbury Cemetery.

Mr. Harrison, farmer, of Greenfield, died Wednesday at Volunteer General
Hospital in Martin after a short illness. Surviving are a sister, Mrs.
Lockie Jenkins of Greenfield; a brother, Cletus Harrison of Lansing,
Michigan; five half-brothers, Willie Harrison of Greenfield; Jessie Harris on
of Sharon; Homer Harrison of Greenfield; Phillip Stroud of Sharon, and Pa ul
Stroud of Jackson; and threee half-sisters, Mrs. Annie James; Mrs. Audie
Collier; and Mrs. Ollie Harrison of Greenfield.
(Lillian had a hand written note about Clifford, it is as follows: Cliffo rd
had polio when he was a baby. They lived on a farm and Aunt Mollie couldn 't
give him much attention, which was good for his sake. He learned to wa lk by
himself. Mama said he struggled to crawl and to use his body. He didn
have to use crutches.)

Added Notes; Cletus Harrisoon b. 23 Feb, 1923
md. Maxine White b. 30 Jan 1925
Children: Mary Ella Harrison md. Gary Leslie
Shirley Faye Harrison

Hope this will give added information to those on this line.

End of TNWEAKLE-D Digest V00 Issue #693

[NI4051] [HarrisonTW.FTW]

Ethel is buried in the Locust Grove Church of Christ Church Cem. in Bradfo rd, Gibson Co., TN. She was born Dec. 8, 1909 and died Aug. 26, 1954. H er epitaph reads " Mother ".

[NI4123] From d=I8974:

Note: 1850 Gibson Co, TN Census Dist 12
1860 Gibson Co, TN Census pg 323a
1870 Gibson Co, TN Census Dist 12

Goodspeeds Lake Co, TN
Tiptonville City Cemetery Book by Isabelle Algee

Also, info provided by Thomas L. Brandon, descendent
Change Date: 30 JUL 2001
Alexander Family booklet at Gibson County Library, Trenton, TN

"Samuel B. Alexander was born 2 February 1794 in Mecklenburg County North Carolina. He
married Mary Anne Sloan in Mecklenburg prior to 1820. They had nine children, five boys
and four girls. After moving to Gibson county he & his wife were members of the Concord
Presbyterian Church where was (sic) an Elder. Both Samuel B. and his wife Mary Anne
are buried in the church cemetery. Samuel B. died in March of 1867."

[NI4136] [HarrisonTW.FTW]

John is listed as a tax payer in the 11th District of Gibson Co. in the ye ar 1877.

[NI4222] Born out of wedlock. Bill Witherspoon 4/8/2002

[NI4226] [HarrisonTW.FTW]

John was a farmer and lived in Gibson Co. all of his life. He was a memb er of the Baptist Church.

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