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[NI1607] [HarrisonTW.FTW]

Ewing was a minister for the Martin Church of Christ for about two year s. He graduated from Martin High School and later attended Chicago Tech a nd Freed-Hardeman College.
On Wednesday, December 4, 1963, Ewing and Dr. James P. wright we re playing golf at the Union City Golf and Country Club. While Playing go lf Ewing suffered a heart attack. Dr. Wright gave him mouth to mouth resus citation which revived him momentarily. However he suffered a second atta ck and died before the ambulance arrived to take him to the hospital.

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Hulon served as a PFC in the US Army during World War II.

[NI1619] [HarrisonTW.FTW]

John was a member of the first Methodist Church, the Dayton lodge #512, a nd the rhea Springs Chapter of the Royal Masons. he was a past worshipf ul Master of the Dresden Masonic lodge #90, was a member of the Order of E astern Star of Dayton and Brady-Williams Post 100, American Legion and w as a past president of the Dayton Jaycees. At the time of his death he w as Rhea County Veterans Service Officer and a captain in the Tennessee Nat ional Guard, and was assigned to the headquarters of the 2nd Battali on of the 117th Infantry in Athens as a motor officer with more than 18 ye ars military service. He was affiliated with the Coulter Funeral Home of D ayton.
Returning home from World War II, he attended the University of Ten nessee at Martin and later he graduated from John A. Gupton School of Mort uary Science.

[NI1623] 1930 Federal Census Weakley Co., TN District 22 page 29 B
Harrison, Andrew/Head/Own/Farm/m/w/43/M/26/TN/TN/TN/Farmer/General Farm
Harrison, Nora M./wife/f/w/38//M/21/TN/TN/TN
Harrison, Hollis L./son/m/w/15/S/school/TN/TN/TN
Harrison, Radford R./son/m/w/12/S/school/TN/TN/TN

James and Nora bought a farm from Mr. Tom Walters, just off Kimery Store R oad, on which they built a house and planted a pecan grove around the hous e. Several years later, the farm joining the front of their property was b ought and their sons, Hollis and Ray both built houses on the farm. Ray 's house was built about half- way down, what is now called Harrison Ro ad that led to his father's house. Hollis built his house on a lane that t urned to the left, beside Ray's home. It was about a 1/4 mile down the lan e.
James Andrew was a devout member of the Primitive Baptist Chur ch of Greenfield, TN, and was a 33rd District farmer.

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Ray was born an Albino, and he has never been married.

[NI1627] [HarrisonTW.FTW]
John Jordan was a farmer most of his life and later a cemetery caretake r. He was a member of the Primitive Baptist Church in Greenfield TN.
1930 Federal Census Weakley Co. TN District 22 page 28 B

Harrison, John J./Head/Rent/Farm/m/w/41/M/23/TN/TN/TN/Farmer/General Farm /O
Harrison, Jessie A./wife/f/w/41/M/23/TN/TN/TN
Harrison, Raymond H./son/m/w/13/S/school/TN/TN/TN
Harrison, John J./son/m/w/4/S/TN/TN/TN

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Walter died when a horse kicked over a lantern, causing a fire that ignit ed his clothes and he burned to death.

[NI1629] [HarrisonTW.FTW]

Jesse and Lela's epitaph reads " Into Thy Hands I Commend My Spirit."

[NI1630] 1930 Federal Census Weakley Co., TN District 22 P 34 B
Harrison, Frank/Head/Rent/Farm/m/w/33/M/21/TN/TN/TN/Farmer/General Farm
Harrison, Onie/wife/f/w/33/M/21/TN/TN/TN
Harrison, James B./son/m/w/6/S/TN/TN/TN
Harrison, Mary E/dau/f/w/3/S/TN/TN/TN
Brock, Ben T./FIL/m/w/75/Wd/TN/TN/TN

[NI1631] Due to combining files I discovered that I have Ruby Viola Caudle marri ed to Homer Harrison and Viola Caudle married to General Green Harrison.

Looking at the 1910 census it shows General Grant Harrison with wife Mary as married 1 year and her as having 4 children. This would make them married about 1909. It also list him with 3 stepchildren with the surname Stroud. I also have Mary Elizabeth "Molly" Orell married to William E. Stroud as her first husband with 3 children. This would make Tillman Harris on 4 months old on 1910 census their first child.

The Brock Cemetery listing shows the name on the tombstone to be Homer Har rison b. 11/9/1904 - 3/14/1972 and Viola b. 10/15/1909.

Therefore General Greene Harrison and Homer Harrison are the same perso n. I have no idea where the name General Greene came from in someone's research. I have called Dean Caudle who lives next door to me and she says s he never hear him called General Greene, only Homer. I am listing him in my files with that name.

Internet correspondence from Joe Stout, 24 Sep 2004.
1930 Federal Census Weakley Co. District 22 Page 30 A
Harrison, Homer/Head/Rent/Farm/m/w/24/M/21/TN/TN/TN/Farmer/General Farm
Harrison, Viola C./wife/f/w/25/M/17/TN/TN/TN
Harrison, Bennett S./son/m/w/2/S/TN/TN/TN
Social Security Death Index:
Name Birth Death Last Residence Last Benefit SSN Issued
GENERAL HARRISON 09 Nov 1904 Mar 1972 38230 (Greenfield, Weakley, TN) (none specified) 408-26-2360 Tennessee

[NI1636] [HarrisonTW.FTW]

Mary's great aunt , America Harrison, helped deliver her and was also t he one who named her, Mary Magdalene, she was born on a Sunday morning. S he was the second child to be born in that house. Mary can remember watchi ng silent movies projected on the railroad depot wall in Greenfield, T N, in the 1920's. When Mary and Hollis were married in 1967, she could wat ch Hollis plowing the fields in back of the house from the upstairs windo w, when he came close enough to hear the dinner bell she would go out ba ck and ring it, so he would know dinner was ready.

[NI1637] [HarrisonTW.FTW]

William was a farmer and mail carrier and member of the Methodist Chur ch of Greenfield TN.

[NI1638] [HarrisonTW.FTW]

Casey was a Pattern Marker at the Martin Manufacturing Co.

[NI1640] Doyle H. Harrison, 80, MARTIN

Services for Mr. Doyle H. Harrison, 80 will be at 10:00 a.m. Thursday, Sep tember 6, 2001 at Williams Funeral Home -Greenfield. Burial will be in Loc ust Grove Cemetery near Bradford. Mr. Harrison, Supervisor of Maintenan ce at UTM University, died Tuesday at Methodist Volunteer hospital. He h ad worked 39 years for University of Tennessee at Martin. He is surviv ed by his wife Mary E. Harrison, Martin, TN; daughter Glenda Alexander, Sa vannah.

Williams Funeral Home


As reported in The Jackson Sun: 9/5/2001

[NI1641] [HarrisonTW.FTW]

James was a farmer and a member of the Baptist church. His epitaph rea ds " Son At Rest "

[NI1642] [HarrisonTW.FTW]

Geralden died in infancy. Her epitaph reads " Gone But Not Forgotten "

[NI1643] [HarrisonTW.FTW]

Beauton was a very active member at the Greenfield Primitive Baptist Chur ch and was a long-time employee of Greenfield Manufacturing Co.

[NI1644] [HarrisonTW.FTW]

Betty was an employee of Institutional Distributors of Martin, TN and a me mber of Macedonia Primitive Baptist Church of Martin.

[NI1645] [HarrisonTW.FTW]

James was in the U. S. Army from 1951-1954.

[NI1651] [HarrisonTW.FTW]

Raymond was a retired employee of Oldsmobile for 26 years and a memb er of the Primitive Baptist Church.

[NI1653] [HarrisonTW.FTW]

He died from pneumonia when he was about 7 or 8 years old. His epitaph rea ds " Budded on Earth, To Bloom in Heaven"

[NI1654] [HarrisonTW.FTW]

Fred and Grace's epitaph reads " In Life We Walked Together, In Death We R est Together. "

[NI1655] [HarrisonTW.FTW]

Nell's epitaph reads " Age 4 Months 15 Days " & " Budded on Earth To Blo om In Heaven."

[NI1660] [HarrisonTW.FTW]

Otis and Odis were twins, and Otis died in infancy.

[NI1661] John Renfro date of death from Renfro Family Genealogy Forum query by Evor ie Loe ( "Any information would be appreciated on John Renfr o, born 1785 NC, died 1858 Gibson County, TN. Married Jincy Briant 18 45 in Carroll County, TN. Probably married first to a Hortense Tinsley, w ho is apparently the mother of his 7 children. I have absolutely nothi ng on Hortense. Can anyone help??"
Federal Census 1840 _84.htm

Males…..…to 5, 5-10, 10-15, 15-20, 20-30, 30-40, 40-50, 50-60, 60-70, 70-8 0, 80-90, 90-100

Females… 5, 5-10, 10-15, 15-20, 20-30, 30-40, 40-50, 50-60, 60-70, 70 -80, 80-90, 90-100

John Renfrow (Renfro) 01001101 - 00201001
District 11
21 December 1850
Slave Owner NO. Age Sex Color Dist Pg Transc riber Comments
Rentfro, John 1 60 M B 15 17
From Gibson County, Tennessee 1850 Slave Schedules District No. 11-19

[NI1662] [HarrisonTW.FTW]

Joyce & Royce are twin sisters.

[NI1664] [HarrisonTW.FTW]

She accidently drank some lye water and died when she was 2 or 3 years old .

[NI1665] [HarrisonTW.FTW]

James had been a resident of Lansing, Mich. for 21 years and was a veter an of World War II. He was an inspector at Motor Wheel. He died at the a ge of 44, on June 26, 1968, at his home in Lansing, Michagan.

[NI1667] [HarrisonTW.FTW]

George served in the US Army during the Korean War, his rank was PVT.

[NI1669] [HarrisonTW.FTW]

Bennett was a painter and decorator and a member of Greenfield House of Pr ayer Church.

[NI1673] [HarrisonTW.FTW]

Jimmie served in W W ll, his rank and unit was Tec. 5, 373 AAA SLT. BN. CA C.

[NI1679] [HarrisonTW.FTW]

Elder was a minister for the Greenfield Primitive Baptist Church, Elder w as a Minster for 19 years. He served in World War ll and was captured duri ng the Battle of The Bulge. He was a prisoner of war for the remaind er of the War. His epitaph reads " The Suffering's Of This Present Time A re Not Worthy To Be Compared With The Glory Which Shall Be Reveal ed In Us ".

[NI1696] [HarrisonTW.FTW]

Helen was a Greenfield native. She was a homemaker and a retired employ ee of the Kellwood Manufacturing Co. of Greenfield. She was an active memb er of the Primitive Baptist Church of Greenfield.

[NI1700] [HarrisonTW.FTW]

Novella was a member of the Beech Grove Methodist Church. Her epitaph rea ds " Our Beloved Mother " & " Mother At Rest ".

[NI1704] [HarrisonTW.FTW]

Parlee was a member of the Methodist Church at Beech Grove.

[NI1734] [HarrisonTW.FTW]

Nova is buried in Pisgah Cem., Atwood, Carroll Co., TN. She was born in 18 95 and died in 1988.

[NI1735] [HarrisonTW.FTW]

Harry was a retired mechanic and owner of Robinson's Garage in Greenfiel d, TN.

[NI1740] [HarrisonTW.FTW]
Willie was a farmer.
1930 Federal Census Weakley Co. TN District 22 page 29 A

Harrison, William H./Head/Own/Farm/m/w/42/M/24/TN/TN/TN/Farmer/General Far m/O
Harrison, Ollie B./wife/f/w/34/M/16/TN/TN/TN
Harrison, Thomas/son/m/w/17/S/school/TN/TN/TN
Harrison, Fred C./son/m/w/14/S/school/TN/TN/TN
Harrison, Maurine/dau/f/w/11/S/school/TN/TN/TN
Harrison, Doyle/son/m/w/8/S/school/TN/TN/TN
Harrison, James/son/m/w/3/S/TN/TN/TN

[NI1746] [HarrisonTW.FTW]

Lela Mae was born in 1897 and died in 1965. She is buried in Pisgah Cem ., Atwood, Carroll Co., TN.

[NI1747] Ruby Viola Harrison, 93, GREENFIELD

Services for Ruby Viola Harrison, 93, are Wednesday, February 5, 2003 at 2 :00 p.m. at Williams Funeral Home with burial in Brock's Cemetery. Survivo rs are son, William Jerry Harrison of Crestone, CO and daughter, Millie An ita Heath of Murray, KY; six grandchildren, five great grandchildren and o ne great great grandchild. For more info., call Williams Funeral Home 731- 235-2224

As reported in The Jackson Sun: 02/04/2003

[NI1750] [HarrisonTW.FTW]

John's first wife was Denise E. Bolin. They were married on Nov. 21, 19 86 at Adam's Chapel Baptist Church, Dresden, Weakley Co., TN. They had o ne child together, Jeri Lynn Rogers born Nov. 06, 1988, Martin, Weakley Co ., TN.

[NI1751] [HarrisonTW.FTW]

Randi was born at 9:34 p.m. and weighed 6 lbs. 12 ozs. and was 20 in. long .

[NI1752] [HarrisonTW.FTW]

Cody weighed 7 lbs. 3 ozs. and was 20 in. long.

[NI1770] Dr. C. J. Witt is a son of C. H. and Elizabeth (Hawn) Witt, who were bo rn in Jefferson County, Tenn., in 1797 and 1799, and died in 1867 and 185 6, respectively. They were married in 1816 and ten children were the frui ts of their marriage. They came to Tennessee in 1832. The father was a Dem ocrat. Their son, C. J. Witt, is one of the leading dentists of Gibson Cou nty. He was born in Carroll County, Tenn., October 12, 1839, and was broug ht to Gibson County when only one year old. His boyhood days were spe nt in hard work on the farm. His father became embarrassed by cotton specu lation and he and his brother worked almost night and day to pay off liabi lities, consequently he received little schooling. At the age of ninete en he could not write nor make a figure. He more than once felt his defici ency in this respect and resolved to obtain an education. For some ti me he worked for thirty cents per day and accumulated enough money to enab le him to enter Bluff Spring College. After completing his education he wo rked at the carpenter's trade for some time, and in 1861 volunteered in Co mpany H, Twelfth Tennessee Infantry, Confederate States Army, and served f aithfully throughout the war. At the battle of Shiloh he was struck in t he breast with a grape-shot, tearing away a part of the left lung. After a bout twelve months' suffering he recovered somewhat and joined the cavalr y, but was given many privileges. He still suffers from the effects of t he wound. In 1864 he married Hassie Black, who was born January 23, 184 0, a graduate of the literary and musical course at Trenton. One child, Ha ssie L. M., was born to them. This wife died, and in 1868 Mr. Witt marri ed Mollie C. Hale, who bore him two children: Mollie V. and Charles C. T he Doctor is a Democrat and served as trustee one term. In 1866 he beg an a course in dentistry, under W. B. Fisher, of Lebanon, Tenn., and compl eted the same under W. B. Spencer, of Jackson, Tenn. He has since practic ed with flattering success, and since 1870 has resided on his farm of 1 00 acres. He and wife and two children are members of the Methodist Church .


W. H. Witt, another son of C. H. and Elizabeth (Hawn) Witt, was born in Je fferson County, Tenn., September 25, 1819. His education was limited, owi ng to the father's straightened circumstances, and be was obliged to assi st on the farm. At the age of nineteen he started out in life as a mechan ic and followed that vocation twenty years. He married Margaret Arnold Ju ly 2, 1845. She was born in Perry County, Tenn., December 25, 1822, and bo re her husband nine children, six of whom are living. She was a memb er of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church, and died in 1865. Mr. Witt after ward married Mrs. H. M. Nowell in 1866. She was born in Madison County, Te nn., August 18. 1837, and belongs to the Methodist Episcopal Church Sout h. Eight children were the results of this union; four survive. Mr. Wi tt is a Democrat, but does not take an active part in politics. He owns 2 62 acres of well improved land and is an esteemed citizen of Gibson County .

[NI1786] ==================================================================
1880 Census:
Census Place:Greenfield, Weakley, Tennessee
Source:FHL Film 1255285 National Archives Film T9-1285 Page 27 2D
Occ:FarmerFa: NCMo: NC
Occ:Keeping HouseFa: TNMo: TN
Fa: TNMo: TN
Fa: TNMo: TN
Fa: TNMo: TN
District 9 - Household 286

Harrison, John B/W/M/30/Farmer/TN/NC/NC
Harrison, Pairlee/W/F/28/wife/KH/TN/TN/TN
Harrison, Nancy J/W/F/5/Daughter/TN/TN/TN
Harrison, Flora B/W/F/2/Daughter/TN/TN/TN
Harrison, Katie B/W/F/10 Months/TN/TN/TN
Internet Correspondence, Joe Stout 25 Sep 2004 - Lee Cate "Harrison" listi ngs
I just received this from my friend Herb who works at the local NARA:

I found your grandfather today in the 1900 census of Greenfield,
Weakley Co., TN.
in the John B. Harrison family. Here is how it is shown:

Harrison, John B., b. Dec. 1849, 50, b. TN, both parents b. VA, Farmer
Parilee, wife, b. Sept. 1849, 50, b. TN, both parents b. NC
Flora B., dau, b. Nov 1877, 22, b. TN
James C., son, b. Nov 1881, 18, b. TN
Wootson, son, b. Nov 1883, 16, b. TN
Brooksie, dau, b. Apr 1886, 14, b. TN
Valtin or Valtie?, grandson, b. Aug 1898, 1, b. TN


This adds some more to the confusion. I remember my mom said she
thought his name was Henry Woodson, I "assumed" it was spelled Woodson.
I never really saw it written down, perhaps she was saying Wootson all
along. On the other hand we're all familiar with the accuracy of census
takers. Still, all the other names seem to be correct. Now who the
heck is that grandson??

[NI1790] From "The Heritage of Davidson co. N.C.", Davidson Co. Library, Lexingto n, N.C.

" Gideon Harrison migrated from Halifax Co., N.C. in 1818 to Rowan Co. a nd settled with his 4 sons in what is now the southern part of Davidson. T hey had lived near Clark's Ferry on Roanoke River in very rich farming cou ntry, but many of the family had died from fever, and they were seeking hi gher country.
Gideon and his sons bought more than 1,000 acres of land in the vicini ty of Cabin Creek, between Handy and Jackson Hill and north, toward Dento n. Of the sons, Jesse appears to have been eldest. He was a corporal in Ca pt Gregory's Company., 10th Reg N.C. Continental line and served 3 years f rom 21 Aug 1777 according to the Revolutionary Register in Philadelphia. J esse died in the 1820s and was buried at the foot of Yount's Mtn. on wh at later was the Jos Harrison farm. Jesse and his brother, Dempsey, had se veral children, but there are no accurate records."

Jesse enlisted in Halifax Co., NC for three years from 21 Aug. 1777 accord ing to Revolutionary Register in Philadelphia. He was a corporal in Capta in Dempsey Gregory's Co., 10th Reg. NC Continental Line. Afterwards he tra nsferred to the 1st NC Regent of the NC Line, the company commanded by Ca ptain Howell Tatum, the Regiment was commanded by Col. Thomas Clark e. He was present at the defeat of General Gates at Camden. He is buri ed at the foot of Younts Mountain which is off Handy Road in Denton, N C. In about 1815 Jesse and other family members moved to Montgomery Co., N C.
1790 Census: (From nsus/1790HH.htm)
HARRISON County State
Jesse Halifax NC
1810 Halifax NC Census: (From risonrep/Census/1810nccn.htm#county)

HARRISON < 10 10- 16 16- 26 26- 45 45 UP < 10 10- 16 16- 26 26- 45 45 UP C OUNTY
GIDEON 1 2 1 1 X 2 X X 1 X HALIFAX
JESSE 1 X 2 X 1 1 X 1 2 X HALIFAX
1820 Census Halifax and Rowan Co. (From http://freepages.genealogy.rootswe

NAME UNDER-10 10-16 16-18 18-26 26-45 45-UP UNDER-10 10-16 16-26 26-45 45- UP MALES/FEMALES


====================================================================================== ??

Page 498.--20th June, 1767. Daniel Harrison, Jr., and Sarah to George
Baxter, £53, 106 acres on a branch of Muddy Creek, part of 400 acres
patented to Daniel Harrison, Sr., 25th September, 1746, 200 of which
Daniel, Sr., conveyed to his son Daniel, Jr., of which this 106 is part,
corner Jesse Harrison's part of said tract. Delivered: Jesse Harrison,
29th March, 1788.

Page 553.--14th November, 1764. Daniel Harrison and Sarah to Daniel
and Jesse Harrison, his grandchildren, sons of Jesse Harrison, £20, 400
acres on head Linville's Creek, Jos. Hite's line. Delivered: Benj. Bowman,
by order of Jesse Harrison, 18th February, 179.

Page 556.--22d March, 1764. Same to Jesse Harrison, his son, £40, two
tracts, one containing 200 acres on a branch of Muddy Creek, patented to
Daniel, 5th September, 1749; corner said Daniel, the other containing 200
joining the former, being part of 400 acres patented to Daniel, 25th
September, 1746; Love's line, corner with Daniel Harrison's part of said t ract.
Delivered: Jessey Harrison, March, 1783.
HARRISON, JESSE Rowan County P.& Q.S. Ct. November Term 1820 Saturday 25 th of November 1820 This day personally appeared in open Court being a Cou rt of record for the County of Rowan, Jesse Harrison aged 65 years, reside nt in the County of Rowan afore- said, who being first duly sworn accordi ng to law, doth on his oath declare, that he served in the revolutionary w ar of the United States all which was set forth in his original declarati on under date of (blank) and that a pension certificate (blank) was grant ed to him, and I do hereby solemnly swear that I was a resident citiz en of the United States on the 18th day of March 1818.-and that I have n ot since that time, by gift, sale or in any manner disposed of my proper ty or any part thereof with intent thereby so to diminish it as to bring m yself Within the provision of an act of congress entitled an act to provi de for certain persons engaged in the land and naval service of the U.Stat es in the revolutionary war; passed on the 18th day of March 1818, and th at I have not nor has any person in trust for me any property or securiti es or debts due to me, nor have I any income other, than what is contain ed in the schedule hereunto annexed, and by me subscribed. which is in t he following words.-

262 1/2 acres land worth 1$ pr. acre $262.50 2 horses at 40$ each 80 4 he ad cattle 25 5 sheep 5 7 Sow & 8 pigs 4 ------- $376.50

deduct money owing as a balance of the purchase money of land -175=$20l- 50 The said Jesse Harrison further declares upon his oath in open court; t hat he is by profession a farmer, but that owing to his age & infirmiti es he is unable to pursue his trade and thereby support himself.- Swo rn to & declared in open Court before the Magistrates presiding, the d ay of Jesse Harrison (X) Nathan Riley deposes that he lives a near neighb or to Jesse Harrison and belie the above schedule contains a true descript ion of all the property of said Jesse Harrison and deponent believes fr om the age and infirmity of said Harrison that he stands in need of the as sistance of his country for support. (signed) Nathan Riley HARRISON, JES SE Davidson County P.& Q.S. Ct. Mt. Davidson County August Term 1823 Sta te of North Carolina Personally appeared in open court (being a Court of R ecord) Jesse Harrison an inhabitant of the aforesaid County and State, ag ed Sixty Seven Years next September, Who being duly sworn upon the Holy Ev angalist, deposes and swears that he enlisted in Halifax County State of N orth Carolina in the year 1776 or 1777 in the Continental Company Command ed by Captain Demsey Gregory, he enlisted for three years, he was afterwar ds transmitted to the 1st North Carolina regiment of North Carolina lin e, the Company Commanded by Captain Howell Tatum, the Regiment command ed by Col. Thomas Clark, he served in said Companies three years and was d ischarged in Halifax town in this State he was present at the Defeat of Ge nl. Gates as Camden, he has hereto-

( 141)

HARRISON, JESSE (Cont'd) fore been on the pension list of the United State s, he believes No.5445 but was Stricken from it in 1821 I Jesse Harris on do further Swear that I was an inhabit ant of the United States on t he 18th day of March 1818 and that I have not deprived my self in any w ay of prcperty in order to obtain the benefit of the act of Congress, I fu rther Swear that I have not myself nor has any person in trust for me a ny Goods, effects or property Whatsoever except what is contained in the a nnexed schedule, nor have I any debts, or money due me whatever - The foll owing is a true list of all my property -

l Horse $20 Amount brought up $334 2 Cows $8 each 16 5 Chairs 2 7 She ep 7 6 plates and 1 dish 50 2 Sows & 8 piggs 8 2 Basons 60 263 acres of La nd 263 1 Ax 1 Hoe and l Plough 2 2 Beds and furniture 20 $339 10 $3 34 I am indebted one Hundred and Sixty Seven Dollars and forth five cen ts to various persons, on some part of which Judgments have been obtain ed and my property is advertised, my wife lives withme, she is a cripple a nd Very aged, a son of Seventeen Years old lives with and is my only hel p, I am old and Very weak besides having the Rheumatism - My means are dai ly failing and if I do not Obtain the assistance of my country, I must so on be a burthen upon my Country Jesse (X) Harrison

From "Tennessee Cousins, A History of Tennessee People" by Worth S. Ray.
First copyright 1950.

Page 751, Gibson County, "John BLACKBURN married Martha Harrison, and both
born in North Carolina, parents of JNO.R.A. BLACKBURN married Martha Gibbs ,
daughter of Turner Gibbs."

[NI1800] From "The Heritage of Davidson co. N.C.", Davidson Co. Library, Lexingto n, N.C.

" Gideon Harrison migrated from Halifax Co., N.C. in 1818 to Rowan Co. a nd settled with his 4 sons in what is now the southern part of Davidson. T hey had lived near Clark's Ferry on Roanoke River in very rich farming cou ntry, but many of the family had died from fever, and they were seeking hi gher country.
Gideon and his sons bought more than 1,000 acres of land in the vicini ty of Cabin Creek, between Handy and Jackson Hill and north, toward Dento n. Of the sons, Jesse appears to have been eldest. He was a corporal in Ca pt Gregory's Company., 10th Reg N.C. Continental line and served 3 years f rom 21 Aug 1777 according to the Revolutionary Register in Philadelphia. J esse died in the 1820s and was buried at the foot of Yount's Mtn. on wh at later was the Jos Harrison farm. Jesse and his brother, Dempsey, had se veral children, but there are no accurate records."

[NI1801] [HarrisonTW.FTW]

Gideon migrated to Rowan County, North Carolina ( now Davidson Co. ) fr om Halifax Co. in 1818 and settled in the southern part of Davidson Co. Th ey had lived near Clarks Ferry on the Roanoke River in very rich farming c ountry, but many of the family died from fever, and they were seeking high er country. Gideon and his family had bought more than a thousand acr es of land in the vicinity of Cabin Creek, between Handy and Jackson Hi ll and north toward Denton, NC. Gideon died in Kentucky and was buri ed in Livingstone Co. near the Ohio River opposite the mouth of the Whi te River not far from Paducah. Before Gideon moved to Kentucky, he deed ed to his sons and daughters, Henry, James, Winnie, and Nancy some of h is property. the deed which reads like a will is in Deed Book 1 Page 1 18 Davidson Co. Register of deeds. To all people to whom these presents sh all, I Gideon Harrison of Davidson County and Sate of North Carolina se nd greeting know ye that I Gideon Harrison for and in consideration of t he natural love and affection which I have bare unto my beloved children J ames Harrison, Henry Harrison, Nancy Harrison, & Winney Harrison of the co unty and made aforesaid and for divers other good causes and consideratio ns me hereunto moving have given and granted and by these presents do gi ve and grant unto the said James Harrison, Henry Harrison, Nancy Harriso n, and Winney Harrison all and singular goods and chattels following, I gi ve to my beloved son James Harrison two hundred and sixty three and a ha lf acres of land that I now live on, one Negro girl named Venus, one hors e, one black cow and Earling. one black heifer, one bed and furniture, thr ee hogs, one crib of corn, choice of four sheep, and all the meat, one po t, one spider, six plates, one dish, one red trunk, four chair. I give un to my beloved son Henry Harrison two hundred and fifty acres of land adjoi ning Michael Smith, one Negro named Suffy, one bay mare, one red cow a nd calf, one heifer, three hogs, one sow and pigs, four head of sheep, o ne bed and furniture. I give unto my daughter Nancy Harrison, one Negro g irl named Cadey, one bed and furniture, one cheas box, one dun coulored c ow and calf, one cotton wheel, three plates, one dish, to her and her hei rs forever. I give unto my beloved daughter Winny Harrison, one Negro b oy named Silas, one cow and three earlings, one bed of furniture, one trun k, one cotton wheel, one pare of cards to her and her heirs forever to ha ve and to hold and enjoy all an singular the good chattles and personal es tates aforesaid unto the said James Harrison, Henery Harrison, Nancy Harri son, and Winney Harrison there executors administrators and aforesigns for ever and I the said Gideon Harrison all, singular the aforesaid goods chat tles and premises to the said James Harrison, Henry Harrison, Nancy Harris on, and Winney Harrison, there extro admrs, and afsigns against all perso ns whatsoever shall and will warrant and forever defend by these presen ts in witness wherof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 23 Day of A pril 1823 signed, sealed, and delivered in the presents of : Nathan Ril y, and Elijah Lanier. His Gideon X Harrison Mark
He came to Davidson Co. N.C. in 1818 from
Halifax Co. N. C. He made a will in 1823 to Henry, James, Winnie and Nan cy
and left to go to Gibson Co. TN. He was still selling land in 1838. He h ad
an older brother,Jesse, who lived in Davidson Co. (so do I). I think he h ad
another brother named Elisha who stayed in Halifax Co. His son Hen ry is my
ggg grandfather, and Henry A. his son is my gg grandfather.
Peggy Harrison-Chaney
JWH 9/25/2001
1830 Gibson Co., TN Census - Each digit represents an age group, the on es to the left of the hyphen (-)
being males and those to the right being females. Age groups at this cens us were: Under 5, 5-10,
10-15, 15-20, 20-30, 30-40 and so forth by ten year groupings up to the "o ver 100" category.

Harrison, Gideon 010011001-20001
Harrison, Hardy 111001-20001
Harrison, Joseph 000000001-00002001
Harrison, Matthias 211001-010001

Henry Harrison, Sr. was the son of:
Gideon Harrison (b.c.1765 VA? NC? - d.c.1840 in Ky or TN) and 1st wife ___ ____ Pare. Gideon moved from Halifax Co, NC to Davidson Co, NC about 181 5, then from there to Gibson Co, TN (West Tennessee) about 1823 and then l ater to Kentucky. He supposedly died near Paducah, KY before 184
Gideon Harrison's other children:
James Harrison (b.1796)
Winifred Harrison (b.1800)
Nancy Harrison (b.1805).
They remained in the Davidson County, North Carolina area, near Jackson Hi ll and Denton. It's possible that Gideon remarried and had more childr en in TN or KY.
From "A History of the Dyer, Tennessee Community The People and their work "

It is recorded that on November 26, 1830, James Bobbitt acquired from Gideon Harrison a tract of land consisting of approximately 120 acres. The land was located in the north central section of Gibson county. A deed recor ded in the Gibson County Court House shows that a Gideon Harrison obtain ed from a David Jarrett of Madison county some land in Gibson County. Th is land bordered a 5000 acre tract owned by H. Reed. This transaction to ok place in 1827. Goodspeed's History of Tennessee (1887) shows the Ree ds - Samuel, James, William, robert, and Hugh - to be early settlers in t he county.
From "The Bobbitt Family in America" p. 281

Gibson County was formed in 1823. James Bobbitt purchased his first la nd in Gibson County on November 26, 1830. He bought 120 acres from Gide on Harrison for $ 350.00. By 1839 James owned 675 acres of land and by t he time of his death he owned 741 acres of land.
James had sixteen slaves who aided him in operating a large farming planta tion. In time a community of farm homes developed around the Bobbitt plant ation and was first known as Bobbittville. When the Mobile and Ohio Railro ad came to the community in 1858 the name was changed to Dyer Station. Act ually the town of Dyer was laid-off on lands sold and surveyed by Benjam in F. Bobbitt a son of James Bobbitt.

[NI1803] From (
Halifax County, NC - Will & Estate Records

File contributed for use in USGenWeb Archives by
Suzie Morris Ball


In the of God Amen. I Bythel Pair being in perfect health and sound memo ry &
knowing the certainty of death do make my last will & testament in the fol lowing
manner. Vigt: First of all my desire is that all my just debts shall be p aid.

Item: I give & bequeath to my children that is to my daughter Mary Harris on,
to my sons Jones Pair, David Pair & Eli Pair, my daughters Winney Harriso n,
Nancy Pair, Elizabeth Dew, Rebecca Edmunds and Sally Pair one silver doll ar to
each. I also lend to Mary Harrison one bed her life time and after her de ath I
give it to her daughter Patsey. I also lend to my son Eli Pair one bed h is
lifetime and after his death to his daughter Absilla.

Item: I give & bequeath to my wife Anny Pair all my lands, stock of eve ry kind,
household & kitchen furniture & all that I am possessed of to her & her he irs for
ever. I appoint my loving wife Ann Pair and my friend William Adkinson Ex ecutrix
and Executor to this my last Will & Testament, revoking & disannulling a ll other
will & wills made by me heretofore, acknowledging this to be my last Wi ll &
Testament. In witness whereof I hereunto set my hand & fix my seal th is 19 day
of April 1804.

Witness: William Vaughn Sr & William Vaughn Jr Bythel X Pair

Halifax County
May Sess- 1811. Then this will was exhibited in open court and duly prov ed by the
oath of William Vaughn Jr. one of the subscribing witnesses thereto & om ( ?) OK
Witness H. J. Burg es C. Co.

Copied from Will Book, page 517, Halifax County NC and transcribed by Suz ie Morris


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