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Great Grandmother Parilee Womble Harrison Great Grandfather John Baker Harrison Great Grandmother Eliza Clayton Bailey Grandfather Woodie Harrison Grandmother Georgia Harrison Great Great Grandmother Elizabeth Overall Hutchison Great Great Grandfather James M. Hutchison Great Grandfather Emerson E. Hutchison Great Grandmother Lura Thompson Hutchison Great Grandfather John D. Carne Great Grandmother Sarah Ann Hale Carne
Father James W. HarrisonMother Marguerite Carne Harrison with Jimmie Harrison Jr.

Much of the information included on these web pages has been collected from a variety of generous sources who were willing to share their knowledge with me when I got "bit" by the genealogy "bug". In an attempt to repay the debt, I'm making available, via the web, what information they have provided in addition to what I have gathered to anyone who might be interested. All of this should be taken with the proverbial "grain of salt" as I have personally verified only a limited amount of this information. My sources are referenced where ever possible and photographic copies of many documents, tombstones, etc. are provided when available to aid you in your own personal search.

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  • Updated information on the lineage of Howard Ransom Turner., husband of my great aunt Laverne Hutchison Turner.

  • The estate settlement records for Dr. John D. Carne, Sr. are now posted and available to all. Thanks to Mrs. Emily Walker of the Gibson County Archives for her work in collecting, cleaning and indexing the files, and for permitting me to photograph these "loose records" found in storage in the courthouse basement and clocktower.

  • Miscellaneous deeds and wills obtained from a quick Gibson county courthouse visit on a brief trip to West TN August 2006.

  • Miscellaneous new and updated tombstone pictures from Salem Baptist, Harrison, Concord, and Antioch cemeteries. James Bland Carne's tombstone has now been located in Oakland, Trenton! Now if somebody can just find Dr. John D. Carne's .......

  • Pictures and information on the Kernodle family descendents of Josie Tennessee Harrison Kernodle, grand daughter of Baker H. Harrison, provided courtesy of Melissa Pennington.

  • James Wilburn Harrison, MD Obituary

  • Pictures and information on the Cook family descendents of Margarett E. Carne Cook, the daughter of Dr. John Carne, provided courtesy of Brenda Parks.

  • Interesting updates on Ninnie Lilla Harrison Baird, orphaned daughter of Elisha Harrison who was once postmaster of Dyer, TN.

Hold your mouse over the pictures of my ancestors on this page to see who's who, and click on the picture to see family sheets on the individuals. Some of the pictures of multiple persons include an identifier picture which may be viewed by passing the mouse over the main picture. Try it!The menu used on the site requires that Java script be enabled in your browser.

If and when you do find an error, as I'm sure you will, please let me know about it so that I may correct it.

Jim Harrison

Great Great Grandmother Jurene Smith HaleGrandfather Arthur Nathaniel CarneGrandmother Carrie M. Carne

Jim and Angie Harrison

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